Friday, May 22, 2015


So! Update for the couple of people who might still be reading this blog. I'm not really sure how often I'll keep writing (clearly...), but now that Z is here and two months old (almost), I've missed writing her a monthly update. So I do at least want to do that. What else I'll write... well, we'll see.

But first - look who's here!

Z arrived at the end of March, nearly a week after her due date. I was under the impression that second babies came sooner than first and came faster! Not the case with this little one, but just one more example that she's her own baby and I should stop comparing her to her sister already!

So far A has done great with her little sister - Baby Sister Z as she calls her (pretty much all the time - I'm pretty sure that Z will be Baby Z until she goes to high school!). But she loves seeing Z and knowing what she's doing. We kept A in daycare right now (since we'd have to pay for it anyway or lose her spot), and I think that was exactly the right move for us. A gets to run around and be loud and have her daily routine that she's used to and I've gotten a chance to cuddle and snuggle with Z all day long.

Also, I apparently make really similar babies - A and Z were almost identical weights and identical heights. I thought I had a better profile shot of A, but I do like this comparison of the two of them at 1 day old. A on the left and Z on the right.

Who doesn't like a series of newborn faces? I love this kiddo so much! Still hard to believe that I've got two wonderful kiddos, but I couldn't ask for anything more. Love you so much Z and I'm so glad you're here and I get to be your mama!

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