Friday, May 22, 2015

One Month

My darling Z -

Well kiddo, welcome to being Baby #2. Your one month post is almost a whole month late. I'm sorry. I haven't been writing here much, but I so love looking back at your sister's posts and I really want to have these for you too. I wish that I'd kept up with monthly posts after your sister turned 1, but c'est la vie, it is what it is.

First off my baby girl, I just want to thank you. You are an amazing baby. I thought your older sister was a great baby and she was, but your dad and I also didn't know what we were doing. With you though, both of us feel so much more comfortable about what we're doing and I think that's helped bring your calmer nature to the forefront. You have been an amazing sleeper (which I know I will jinx myself by saying, but you are! And I am so grateful!). The first couple of nights at home were a little on the rougher side, but then we discovered you like binkys! Thank god! A baby who can be soothed without the boob! And then who sleeps! Thank you universe!

I've loved getting to snuggle with you baby girl. Newborn snuggles are absolutely the best and I am absolutely doing my best to cherish this time with you. I've said it sarcastically plenty of times (#cherisheverymoment), but right now I really am trying to because I know how very quickly this time with you is going to go. I'm going back to work when you're 10 weeks old which will be hard, but I learned with your older sister that I am a much better mother when I'm working outside the home. I do feel badly that I won't have as much time at home just you and me that I did with A, but I know you'll do great at Cindy's, especially with A watching over you! (And watch over you she does! Whenever we go pick her up she doesn't want any of the other kiddos to touch you or play with you.)

Nursing is also going well now - it was painful again at the beginning (especially on the left side!), but after a few weeks we got back in the groove. I've been pumping once a day to try to get a few ounces in the freezer and I'm hopeful that I'll be able to pump enough once I go back to work so that we can keep you on breast milk for at least a year. We'll see how it all goes though.

My recovery has been so much easier this time around too, which was enormously helpful. I felt like I got hit by a truck with your big sister, and my whole world had been turned upside down. My world definitely got rocked a bit with your entry but we've been finding our groove. It's definitely been a learning curve as we get to know you with your big sister also needing our attention, but we're figuring it out. As I said though, it helps a lot that she loves you so much. I can't even imagine how much harder it would be if she wasn't so happy to have you here.

And of course your grandparents absolutely dote on you. Grandparents are the best kiddo, as you will very soon see!

Z, you are just such an amazing baby. We all love you so much and are so glad that you're here. Life seems complete now that you're here. Crazy for sure, but complete. I love you so much baby girl.

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