Friday, March 20, 2015

Due Date

Wow - I kind of can't believe it's here.

40 weeks. Our second kiddo is due today. Clearly, as you can see, I am still pregnant.

Come out, come out baby girl! We want to play with you!

And it doesn't appear that this kid has any intention of coming out any time soon. I had an appointment this morning and let's just say nothing is happening so far.

So in the meantime we wait. Things are wrapped up at work, my replacement is in place, but I'm still planning to work from home next week until kiddo comes (due to when I started full time at my job I have a limited amount of unpaid leave and as long as I can I'd rather help time move faster by distracting myself with work than have nothing to do and will this kid to come out!).

But it's still been a much different experience this time around than when A was born - I was laid off a few weeks before she was born and so was doing the sitting around, trying to figure out when she was going to come! This time I've told this kiddo again and again that she needed to wait until at least my due date. So, hey, she's listening to me! For likely the first and only time, eh?

A's been taking this all in stride. She's really been great. I don't know how much she really understands about what's going to happen no matter how much we talk about how her baby sister is going to come live with us soon, but hopefully the transition will go ok... It's going to happen soon no matter what we do, eh?

So hard to believe that I'm soon going to be a mama to two girls! I'm so excited to meet Baby Dos (as she's been christened) and start this next chapter (though I'll be honest, I'm not so excited about the lack of sleep... though it's not like I've been sleeping well for the last couple of months...).
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