Thursday, February 13, 2014

12 Months

My darling A -

12 months! 1 year! We made it! Just... wow. I think that word best sums up the experience that this past year of being your mama has been. It has been such an amazing joy watching you grow. One year ago I met you for the very first time and we started on this journey of slowly getting to know each other. Now I know you better than anyone and yet I am so very aware of how much you are still growing and changing. But I don't think there will be any other year in which so many changes will take place.

You are now walking and babbling like you have so many things to tell us! I can't wait until you have more words to express all that you are feeling, but for now the conversations we have are pretty great. You have said mama and dada before but you aren't using them with any regularity. The one word that we're pretty sure you are using and fairly consistently? Bubba. Yup, that's Cody's nickname (I really don't know why I started calling him that, but I do so on a regular basis). We've heard you asking for your Bubba every so often so I'm incredibly amused that that's the first word you really use.

We also switched you over to your new convertible carseat! I was actually pretty amazed that we got so many months of use out of your infant bucket seat, but being not super tall or super heavy meant that you fit into it fine for a long time! Once we changed you to the new seat I thought you looked so small in it, but after just a couple of weeks you look like you've been sitting in it for your whole life.

We also tried you in the back carry for a long walk. Worked out pretty well! 

Your favorite thing to do is to pull out all of your toys and then play with the basket - occasionally sitting in it, but often putting it on your head or pushing it around the living room. Luckily for me you are starting to learn the joy of putting things BACK into baskets! Which means that part of our routine before your nap or before you go to bed is starting to put your toys away. I like that you're learning that things don't get cleaned up magically and that helping to keep things neat and orderly is a good thing! Basically I'm trying to take advantage of your willingness to help as long as possible!

Baby's first Lego set. Thanks Uncle J! 

Also, I don't know how this is possible but you hadn't been on swings before this month! Really? That's just crazy! We went over to see your grandparents one day (and to get your eyes checked as part of the Infant See program) (your eyes are wonderful kiddo and you held so still for the doctor to do all of the tests he had to do!) and while we waited for the ferry back home we played at a nearby playground. You had SO much fun on the swings! Pretty sure we're going to be finding our way back to more swing sets soon!

 Who needs television when you've got a frontloading washer? Whatever keeps you entertained kiddo!

I have to be honest - I'm pretty happy this weekly photo project is over! Though I do love looking back at all of the different pictures.

We had such a wonderful first birthday for you! I'll add more pictures of that later, but baby girl, do you know how many people love you and wanted to celebrate with you? We had the party at your grandparents house and so many of your friends and family were able to come from all over the country to play with you! 

I cannot even believe you are one year old, baby girl. And now you're officially a toddler with all that you are doing and learning. But I hope you know that you'll always be my baby, right? My firstborn, my baby who made me a mama. Even more importantly, you're the one who made me your mama. 

I love you so much little one. To the moon and back. 


  1. Her hair kills me--so, so adorable!

    Happy 1st birthday little A!

  2. Happy birthday A!! She is such a cute baby! Glad you have enjoyed her first year so much. :)


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