Monday, December 22, 2014

Is this thing on?

So, uh, it's been awhile, huh?

I didn't really mean to take such an extended break, though let's be honest, it's not like I was posting all that prolifically before the break. 

I'm hoping that I will be back more regularly soon but life has been crazy lately. Good! But crazy.

So while I gather my thoughts and figure out where to even start with everything that's been going on, I leave you with a year in review from Instagram:

Yup, Baby Dos is on her way - at the end of March we'll be a family of 4!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

First Weekend Away!

Last weekend A spent her first night away from B and me at the same time - it was sleepover time at Grandma and Granddad's!

Kiddo had such a great time!

B and I took her over to my parent's house on Saturday morning - she was pretty excited just to get to run around the ferry for awhile. The crazy part for me is that Saturday was only the second night that I've spent away from her (the first night was for my friend's bachelorette party, back when she was 5 1/2 months old. It was definitely time).

I was a little wary about how she would do, just because while she's spent a lot of time with my parents this would be the most time she spent with them by herself. According to Grandma and Granddad though, she did great! She napped well, ate well, ran around the playground and got all kinds of sandy, actually managed to sit still on my dad's lap at church and then had another good nap before we came back over to pick her up on Sunday afternoon.

Mom even got her to brush her teeth! Kid laughs and holds her mouth shut when I try this... hmm, I think we need to enlist Grandma more often at bedtime.

We ended up having a little bit of wait for the ferry on the way home, so B and A enjoyed making me a little bit nervous with how far she could look out over the water.

I'm so happy she did so well - kiddo is growing up so fast on me! I'm pretty sure that this is going to be a much more common occurrence now that we all know how happy she is to spend the night with the grandparents. And I have to say - getting a nap and then getting to sleep in on Sunday morning? Pretty awesome. Definitely going to happen again soon!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

My second Mother's Day - overall a pretty good day! There were pancakes in the morning, bubbly in the afternoon and homemade pizza for dinner!

Unfortunately, A has been battling a cold this weekend (cough plus runny nose plus teething plus whiny equals sad, pathetic baby), so we spent a lot of time doing everything we could to get smiles out of her, including lots of random photos!

But she perked up after her nap and we enjoyed the incredibly nice sunny afternoon that Seattle had to offer which was so very wonderful and needed after all the rain we've had so far this spring. Plus, you know. Bread. Bread is awesome.

I've been back at work for a few weeks now which is why I've had even less time to come here to write. I have so many things I want to talk about, including A's first birthday (so what that that was almost 5 months ago!), Easter, A's new learning tower that B built(!) and I'd also like to talk a bit about our childcare situation now. One of these days I'll figure out the balance that is working and playing with A and also spending time with B and my family and friends.

Oh, and of course as soon as I started looking at photos I couldn't help but include this one - we went to see the new cheetahs at the Woodland Park Zoo and while A didn't see much of the cheetahs (they were lying down at the back of the exhibit) she looooved checking out the flamingos!

It's crazy to me that I remember putting her in that shirt back when she was around 6 months or so (it was more like a dress then), and now she's getting to the point where it's going to be too small for her soon!

But until I get around to writing those posts, here's one of the things that A loves to help me with - folding laundry.

Yes. That is my underwear. What, you don't wear underwear on your head?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

We moved!

So things have been a bit quiet around here... One big reason for that?

We moved!

Nope, we didn't buy a house but we did find a great one to rent! It's got more space than our old apartment, a big backyard for the dog (and the toddler!) to run around in and overall it's a great spot for us. We miss our water view but not much else about the old place! 

Moving was a bit of a pain in the butt (seriously we managed to pick the one day this winter that it freaking snowed to move all of the big stuff over!) but we did it! Sure, there are still boxes in the office/guest room but one day those will be unpacked.

I have so much more I want to write about (my baby turned 1! We threw her a party! And did I mention that we're living in a new house?!) and slowly but surely I'll get around to it. Just wanted to say hi to anyone still reading that I haven't totally forgotten about this space and will be sharing more soon!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

12 Months

My darling A -

12 months! 1 year! We made it! Just... wow. I think that word best sums up the experience that this past year of being your mama has been. It has been such an amazing joy watching you grow. One year ago I met you for the very first time and we started on this journey of slowly getting to know each other. Now I know you better than anyone and yet I am so very aware of how much you are still growing and changing. But I don't think there will be any other year in which so many changes will take place.

You are now walking and babbling like you have so many things to tell us! I can't wait until you have more words to express all that you are feeling, but for now the conversations we have are pretty great. You have said mama and dada before but you aren't using them with any regularity. The one word that we're pretty sure you are using and fairly consistently? Bubba. Yup, that's Cody's nickname (I really don't know why I started calling him that, but I do so on a regular basis). We've heard you asking for your Bubba every so often so I'm incredibly amused that that's the first word you really use.

We also switched you over to your new convertible carseat! I was actually pretty amazed that we got so many months of use out of your infant bucket seat, but being not super tall or super heavy meant that you fit into it fine for a long time! Once we changed you to the new seat I thought you looked so small in it, but after just a couple of weeks you look like you've been sitting in it for your whole life.

We also tried you in the back carry for a long walk. Worked out pretty well! 

Your favorite thing to do is to pull out all of your toys and then play with the basket - occasionally sitting in it, but often putting it on your head or pushing it around the living room. Luckily for me you are starting to learn the joy of putting things BACK into baskets! Which means that part of our routine before your nap or before you go to bed is starting to put your toys away. I like that you're learning that things don't get cleaned up magically and that helping to keep things neat and orderly is a good thing! Basically I'm trying to take advantage of your willingness to help as long as possible!

Baby's first Lego set. Thanks Uncle J! 

Also, I don't know how this is possible but you hadn't been on swings before this month! Really? That's just crazy! We went over to see your grandparents one day (and to get your eyes checked as part of the Infant See program) (your eyes are wonderful kiddo and you held so still for the doctor to do all of the tests he had to do!) and while we waited for the ferry back home we played at a nearby playground. You had SO much fun on the swings! Pretty sure we're going to be finding our way back to more swing sets soon!

 Who needs television when you've got a frontloading washer? Whatever keeps you entertained kiddo!

I have to be honest - I'm pretty happy this weekly photo project is over! Though I do love looking back at all of the different pictures.

We had such a wonderful first birthday for you! I'll add more pictures of that later, but baby girl, do you know how many people love you and wanted to celebrate with you? We had the party at your grandparents house and so many of your friends and family were able to come from all over the country to play with you! 

I cannot even believe you are one year old, baby girl. And now you're officially a toddler with all that you are doing and learning. But I hope you know that you'll always be my baby, right? My firstborn, my baby who made me a mama. Even more importantly, you're the one who made me your mama. 

I love you so much little one. To the moon and back. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Champs!

If you follow me on twitter, you have realized that I am a Seahawks fan. I love football and the team this year - there's just something about these guys that has captured a city's heart. 

12th man fever has run rampant during this post-season, including a 12 in window lights in several buildings throughout the city (there's another building south of this photo right by the stadium that is lit up on both sides with the 12!).

Photo courtesy of the Seattle PI

And now the Seahawks are coming home with the Vince Lombardi trophy. Love it. Our city has been waiting for this for a long, long time.

In the words of Russell Wilson, "why not us?"

"Why not us?" indeed.

Go Hawks!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


My baby girl is one.

A year ago I was just meeting you and wondering what kind of baby you would be and what kind of mom I would be.

Today? Well, you are the best kiddo anyone could ever ask for. I'm still learning the ropes as your mom (and I'm pretty sure the learning never stops) but I cannot imagine my world without you in it. I am so grateful to be your mama. The world is a brighter place with you here!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Eleven Months

My darling A - 

11 months! 11! You are so close to being a year old, my baby girl! And with how much you've been walking this month it seems more appropriate to start calling you a toddler (though who are we kidding, you'll always be my baby!).

Our morning routine involves cereal for me and Cheerios and water for you. You really do seem to prefer the Cheerios after they've been tossed all over the floor. Cody also prefers when you eat them this way! 

We had lots of adventures this month! Your first Thanksgiving (you and I entertained ourselves taking pictures in the bathroom before dinner was served). Your first trip to a toddler gym where you had access to so. many. different. toys. We don't have a ton of space in our apartment for toys (but boy do you have more after Christmas!), so I think you were a bit overwhelmed when you saw all of the different cars and bikes and balls and slides. You warmed up pretty quickly though (and had a blast pushing yourself around in the Cozy Coupe - even if you did go backwards more often than forwards...) and I see this being a pretty frequent destination during these rainy and cold winter months!

You also continue to love your blocks (including these that we found at MOHAI). Usually your dad or I will build something and you come along and knock it down, but I'm pretty sure you'll be building your own towers soon enough. And your favorite thing to do with all of your toys (or the laundry. Or really anything in a box) is to find a container and take everything in it out. Whenever I fold your diapers in the living room you "help" me by flinging them all over the living room. And you love dragging your toy box out of its cubby in the living room so you can take each toy out carefully (you've even discovered that you can take the lining out of the basket too!). You have just started to discover you also enjoy putting things back into a container, but clearly that's not nearly as fun. 

One of the big things we did after Thanksgiving was to go get our first Christmas tree as a family of four! We walked down the street from our house to a lot and picked out a perfectly lovely (and small) tree. We didn't have room for a big tree this year, and really just wanted something fun that we could light up and show off a few of our ornaments (mostly non-breakable ones and only on the top half of the tree). Also, I love having a real Christmas tree! And ever since getting our first tree when B proposed, I will always have to have a tree at Christmas time.

You also took your second trip to California this month! And luckily Dad was with us this time (SO much easier to travel with a baby when there's a second pair of hands to help!). You did great! You had a couple of fussy moments here and there, but overall you are such a great traveler. You wanted to bounce up and down on both of our laps and pull hard on the seats in front of you. We only let you do one of those things (you were only squealing in excitement most of the time, but I still didn't want to annoy the couple sitting in front of us too much). 

We went down to California for early Christmas with your dad's family. You got to meet your great-grandparents, and you got to see your Gam and Aunt again who you hadn't seen in far too long! We were on the go pretty much the whole long weekend and while we had some fussy times (and some not-so-great sleeping through the night moments), overall I was pretty impressed at how well you were able to go with the flow. Especially as we were pretty sure that you were teething for part of the time (oh yeah, did I mention that? You now have your top two teeth and then the two top incisors decided they wanted to join the party too! So you're up to 6 pearly whites in there!).

Getting to meet your second cousin! She was so wonderful to share all of her toys with you and gave you a great big hug right before we left. 

You were so spoiled with some pretty great presents from everyone. But I still suspect the tissue paper and getting to rip paper off of things was your favorite. 

Have I mentioned how many people love you kiddo? Yup, you're a lucky, lucky girl! 

Baby's first hairbow! 

We tried to let you stretch your legs and run around a bit in the airport before we got on the plane. It sort of worked. You didn't fall asleep but you were slightly less bouncy on our laps. Luckily there wasn't anyone sitting in the middle seat in the row ahead of us so you could hang on the seat a bit more without bugging anyone.

It's getting SO HARD to get your weekly pictures! I have to admit to being pretty excited to see this project come to an end. I can usually only get a couple pictures taken before you're bouncing up to your feet and grabbing the number blocks and taking off with them.

You are such a lovable goofball these days. We discovered when we were at the airport that you LOVE stuffed animals - your dad was distracting you at one point by holding up various stuffed animals from a store and you went absolutely crazy with joy over each one he held up. We had to buy you a small one of course, and I decided to pull out several other stuffed animals from your room as soon as we got home (I thought you didn't care about them!). You love running around the room with them and rolling around the floor giggling. This is a new thing too - playing on your back on the ground (and not yelling about it!), and you love to throw yourself on pillows now, too. You are a crazy one, my dear, but you are such a joy to be around. 

You continue to be a great eater too - usually eating whatever we put in front of you. I'm impressed with your willingness to try new things and I do hope that continues! I especially know your dad would appreciate if you took after his adventurous eating side rather than my more picky side...  

Sleeping is generally pretty good but we've had our rough nights, too. You're still taking two naps pretty consistently and while we had a couple days of only one nap, I think we both figured out that you aren't ready to drop that second nap yet! 

One other thing you've learned this month is how to get down from the couch. You don't know how to climb up on to it yet (which is good because as soon as you can climb all of our defenses will be breached!), but you now know how to turn around and put your legs down to slide off of it. I love seeing how you figure out how to solve whatever problems are in your way!

Your first snow! It was kind of pitiful to be honest and melted by noon, but still, it's snow!! 

There's something pretty amazing about a baby's first Christmas.

And yes, technically Christmas fell one day into your 12th month, but I'm still adding some of the pictures here as I don't want to wait to share these! Your dad and I gifted each other a new lens for Christmas and had a blast playing with it. (You are of course our favorite subject!) Your dad and I tried not to go too crazy with presents for you, and for the most part I think we did a good job. You were certainly spoiled by all of your grandparents and aunts and uncles (though for the most part they respected our wishes for not too many noisy light-up toys!). I hope you know how much they love you and wish they could play with you every day!

We had a family photo shoot on the Sunday before Christmas with Kat of Persimmon Images (our wonderful wedding photographer!). It was a little crazy with both you and your cousin at times, but overall you guys did great and I think we'll end up with some pretty great shots (though let's be honest - we all just wanted pictures of you two babies and your grandparents! But, given that we were all in the same spot your grandparents insisted we all be in a few of the pictures). Plus you had a chance to wear your Christmas dress again!

Playing with toys and watching the ferry go by. Not too shabby! 

It was a little tough having presents under the tree for 3 days that we made you look at before we let you rip them open. But with only a few redirections you did a pretty good job of leaving them alone.

One of the best presents that you and your cousin got were these great rocking chairs that are just your size! They actually belonged to me and your aunt when we were kids, presents from your great-grandparents a long time ago. I love that these are being passed on to you both now.

It was pretty magical getting to see your first Christmas and celebrate with so many family members. You have been such a joy to us this past year, my little lady.

I love you so very much, my heart is overflowing.
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