Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ten Months

My darling A -

Ten months! Ten! That's 1, 2, 3 - and you know, a few more! Actually, the truly amazing part is the fact that in less than two months you'll be turning one year old. That, my baby girl, just seems absolutely unfathomable to me.

The big news from this month? You're walking!

Though luckily you aren't climbing yet. Though you do a good impression of it when it comes to the laundry basket.

You started taking tentative steps, just a couple every so often, but mainly you were cruising around the furniture, keeping one hand on the couch or the wall or my leg. But then! Then you decided who needs handholds? You got this! And off you go. It's so much fun to see you walk in any direction you please. I'm so very proud of every step you take baby girl. Even though I know that they start to carry you away from me. I know that's a very good thing and I love seeing you succeed. But kiddo? Remember that I'm always right here for you whenever you fall down or need a hug, ok? All you have to do is turn around to find me.

You're a pretty fantastic eater, chowing down on just about everything we put in front of you. Avocado is still your favorite and in fact you actually did manage to eat an entire avocado one night for dinner.

What do we want? More avocado! When do we want it? NOW! 

Seriously, you just kept requesting more, more, more... We sign "more" and "all done" and you seem to know what they mean even though you don't sign them back yet. Too much fun to be able to communicate with you and watch the understanding in your eyes!

I'm pretty sure that was a bit too much though, so we're taking it easy on that right now. But you have discovered that you love sweet potatoes and peas, cucumbers are still delicious, pears are tasty and you will eat your weight in Cheerios if I let you.

Grandpa came up to visit for the weekend. You two had way too much fun together.

What, doesn't everyone like to climb in their toy basket after bath time?

I try hard not to have the tv on too often when you're awake, and you often don't pay it very much attention when it is on. But I put on Beauty and the Beast (your first Disney cartoon!) and you were fascinated! So now we listen and dance to the Disney Pandora station most afternoons.

And of course we celebrated your first Halloween! It was a really fun start to your first holiday season. (And yes. It is December and I'm just now posting your Halloween pictures. Oops.)

You were a dragon. You didn't love it when we put the hood up while we celebrated with your playgroup buddies, but when I gave you a pumpkin you were distracted long enough so I could get a couple of pictures.

Your personality continues to shine. You are so outgoing and bubbly. So very happy most of the time, except for those occasions when you aren't. Then you let us know. You're also starting to enter a whiny phase which is slightly less fun. Here's hoping that will get better once you can actually talk. Speaking of which, you aren't saying many actual words other than "mama" and "dada." And we still aren't positive those aren't just babbling, so we haven't really counted them as your first word. I'm pretty sure you'll be talking up a storm soon enough! And even when you're whining I know ultimately you just want to play which makes it pretty easy to leave the dishes to clean up later in the day when you're taking a nap.

I love you so very much little lady. To the moon and back.

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  1. I love this! She's just so adorable and I love to see her new skills. Walking? Genius!


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