Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This blog

I keep thinking about posts that I want to write - funny things A has done, or stories that I want to remember.

And then I don't. Part of it is the lack of time (I don't know where it all goes) and part is that I don't know how interesting my stories are to anyone else.

I know I'll continue to post the monthly updates but I do want to write here more often than once a month. I guess I'm still finding my groove as it were...

In any event, I am still here, still thinking and pondering. And I do read so many of your blogs, though I'm pretty terrible about commenting (it's so easy to read from my phone and to think, hey, I should comment on that post! And then I don't...). But while I'm pondering, as I said, at least the monthly posts will be here. And hopefully soon some other posts as well.

1 comment:

  1. Commenting to say I feel the same about commenting... I usually read on my phone or in a hurry or don't have anything to say... but I do like to stalk and keep up with everybody. :)


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