Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nine Months

My darling A -

Not only are you nine months old, well, you're nine months and some change. Because once again your mom's a few days late with this. I'd apologize, but, well... it happens. I remember when I was a kid that it used to drive me nuts that your grandma was sometimes late to things (or more accurately, would tell us in mommy minutes how long something would take, but we were never quite clear on how long a mommy minute was). I've tried as an adult to make sure that I'm on time, and for certain things I do really well. Since having you though, well, let's just say that my inner clock which tells me how long certain things are going to take has gone haywire. I think that I leave myself plenty of time and then before I know it, we're ten minutes late and we haven't even left the house yet. I promise I'm working on it kiddo.

You've grown so much this month! And you took your first plane ride! We went to go see your aunt and your new baby cousin. Unfortunately your dad wasn't able to come on this trip (we had to cancel our original tickets when you got hand, foot and mouth disease and Cody got so sick and your dad didn't have the vacation days to come when we rescheduled). I was so nervous about how you'd do on the flight since it was just you and me. I carried you in the Beco Gemini and checked the car seat and then carried on my suitcase and diaper bag (I'm far too cheap to check a bag little girl, something you'll learn as you get older!). But you did great! And I was able to carry everything fine (and both flights there was a very nice gentleman who helped me get the suitcase up and down so I didn't have to try to do that while holding you). I nursed you pretty much any time you started to get a little bit fussy, but otherwise you just wanted to bounce on my lap and smile at everyone around us. We were super lucky and had an empty seat by us on the flight down (not so much on the way back) and you were so awesome charming everyone around you. Of course you had no interest in sleeping until the last 10 minutes of the flight. And you managed to do that on both flights! Ah well, at least you got a little bit of a snooze in there.

Grandma and Granddad were also both down in San Francisco so we got to have a little mini family reunion with everyone! It's been so fun watching you with your grandparents and I'm so excited that your cousin is here and you two will get to grow up together.

I set up your travel crib (that Grandma so helpfully brought down with her) right next to my bed in the hotel. Which meant that when you woke up in the morning you popped up right next to my head. I'm not sure which of us was more amused!

I have no idea why there were mirrors behind the bed in the hotel room (I don't really want to know, actually...), but you sure did love playing with that other baby!

We love SFO!

Sleepwise you're sort of all over the map. I mean, you're firmly in the two nap a day camp now (which, ok, but can you please sleep longer than 30 minutes if you're only going to nap twice?), and generally your night sleep is pretty good but I'm pretty sure there is definitely a 9 month sleep regression and you definitely hit it. Which is less than fun, let me tell you. I think we're on the other side of that (crossing fingers and knocking on wood), but we'll see how things go. And I shouldn't totally knock your naps. You usually give me a 30-45 minute nap in the morning and usually an hour-ish nap in the afternoon. Every so often you'll give me an hour and a half or nearly two hours, but those are rare and not to be counted on (sadly...).

And food wise you're still going strong with nursing (SO very happy that has worked as well for us as it has little girl!). I'm even starting to think about when and how to deal with weaning (not until you're at least a year old and I'd like for you to make the decision, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it). You're also eating two good solids meals a day with at least one snack. We started with only doing dinner so that your dad was around when we gave you new foods to try, but now we eat lunch together, too. And at least one snack, though we've started having a late afternoon snack, too. I think I mentioned that we've been following babyled weaning for solids and for you it has worked out really well. You feed yourself what you want and are really good about trying new things (just tried zucchini and yellow squash this week!). You don't always eat a ton but I am amazed at how much you can eat when you put your mind to it (I'm pretty sure you'd eat an entire avocado if we let you). Avocados definitely seem to be your favorite, but you also love cucumbers, apples, sweet potato fries, and Cheerios. 

So far the only real puree type foods that you've had are homemade applesauce and yogurt. You aren't a huge fan of either but it is fun to watch you play with the spoon! You like to feed yourself which I can totally appreciate baby girl. Much better to be in charge of what you eat!

We aren't opposed to processed foods, but I am trying to limit your exposure to them for now. So you haven't had any of the puree packs that are so popular at the moment, or mum mums or puffs or things like that. Mainly we figure that if you're happy eating the food we give you now we'll stick with that. And again, not opposed to all processed foods by any means - did I mention how much you like Cheerios? But this works for us for now. My goal is that you will at least always try foods. I want you to know you're in control of how much you eat by recognizing when you're hungry and when you're full, but I also want you to grow up willing to try new things. 

Any more toys in here Mom? 

We keep one basket of toys in the living room along with your set of wooden blocks. You're really good at pulling them out when you want to play with them (or when you just want to pull everything out...). We keep another basket of toys behind the couch and have instituted a weekly (or so) routine of switching out the toys. I figure this way you aren't overwhelmed by having all of your toys out at once and it feels like you get new toys every week!

It's so much fun to continue to see how you and Cody interact. Cody still sometimes seems a bit unsure of you, a bit concerned when you get too close. But he has learned that hanging out by you when you've got your Cheerios snack or sitting under your high chair during dinner pays off handsomely!

As for you, well, if you could throw his toys and get him to play fetch with you, I think that's what you'd do all day, every day. As for now you laugh hysterically when we throw his toys and he brings them back to us. 

My laundry helper. And by helper I mean pull-out-all-the-clothes-er.

Cody usually stays outside the living room while A eats her snacks. And then gets to clean up.

You are so close to walking! You are getting really confident with standing on your own (or just barely holding onto something, like your playmat). I remember when it was all you could do to stare at the animals hanging on the mat, maybe lifting an arm to bat at one. Now you rip them all off any time we try to hang them up because it's more fun to eat them and play with them around the living room. Watching you play is an absolute delight - you love to knock down the buildings that your dad and I create with your blocks. And of course everything goes right in your mouth. 

We're finding new places around the city to play, too. This was at a coffee shop that a couple friends found that had a great train table in the corner. You preferred eating the trains to rolling them on the tracks but hey, whatever works kid!

And I had to include this picture because I cannot believe how big you are compared to when you were first born! I remember how little you were on the changing table and here you are with your toes touching the end! Before I know it your feet will be hanging over the edge. Of course what this doesn't show is how wiggly you are about diaper changes now! I've been joking that it's like wrestling an alligator, but seriously kid, just hold still for a couple minutes! More often that not these days you pop up to stand as soon as I let go of you to put the diaper in the pail. I think I'm going to have to dig out the straps that came with the cooshee... 

I'm not sure if we're counting it yet but I'm convinced that you called me mama the other day as we were eating dinner. I'm pretty sure that your dad conceded that you were looking at me and you did say mama so I think we're counting it as your first word. We haven't heard any other words that are actual words yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if Cody (or puppy or doggie) is one of the first ones we get too. I love watching you grow and figure things out. You are such an amazing little girl!

I love you so much, you have no idea. My heart overflows.

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