Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Eight Months

My darling A -

Eight months! Eight! Time really does fly when you're having fun. And we're sure having fun these days baby girl.

Can't help but reach for the camera when you see it these days!

You really are growing and changing and moving so much these days. You're crawling all over the place, you're climbing up on everything, you're cruising around all over the furniture. Before I know it you're going to be walking without any sort of help (and then skipping, jumping and running!).

You do love playing with Cody's toys. I got to you before you started chewing on it this time at least...

We're now doing swimming lessons on the weekends - you seem to have so much fun in the water (well, most of the time - we went under during our last lesson and you were a little surprised by that!). What was pretty awesome was that Granddad was able to go to the first lesson so he got to see you splash around like the water baby that you are. I'm so very grateful that we're close by your grandparents. I wish that we were as close to other members of the family, but for now we'll take what we can get.

You are getting more and more playful with all of your toys, too! I still haven't bought you very many things but it amazes me how many toys end up in our house that I'm really not sure where exactly they came from. However, the one up above is one that I found at Costco on the recommendation of a friend of ours and you LOVE it. It's got different activities on all of the sides that you really like to play with, and you love messing with the beads on the top. You also enjoy eating the corners, but hey, whatever floats your boat. 

Unfortunately, a sad side effect of all of the moving and cruising you're doing these days is that you end up hurting yourself more now! I can't count the number of bumps and bruises you've ended up with on your forehead because of a slip of the hand here or an overbalancing there. Each time I kiss your hurt and give you a big hug until the tears stop. Half the time now it seems like you don't even notice, but there are definitely the bigger bonks that stop you for a few minutes. I so wish I could make it so that you don't feel any pain, but unfortunately that's not how the world works. Just know that your mama will always be there to give you a big hug and hold you until you feel better. 

You also had another bummer of a milestone this month - your first real sickness. We were supposed to go to California to see your aunt and newborn cousin but unfortunately life intervened. You came down with a terrible fever which we ultimately figured out was caused by hand, foot and mouth disease. You only ever got the sores in your mouth and your fever was gone after a couple of days but it was absolutely no fun to see you so sick! 

Of course, due to the fever and contagiousness of the disease we had to cancel our trip. Luckily your dad still took his vacation days so we decided we'd hunker down and have a little staycation. Unfortunately your puppy decided that we wouldn't quite have the quiet little weekend we thought we would. After a couple day stint at the emergency vet it turns out Cody probably got bit by some sort of spider or snake (probably a spider, and as such all spiders that enter my house no longer get a free pass back to the outside. Nope, they all get killed now). But it looked pretty touch and go there for awhile, and your dad and I weren't sure when we said goodbye to him at the emergency vet if we were going to get to bring him home again. I had tears in my eyes when I took this picture of you smiling at your puppy in the back of our car.

Luckily, with the wonderful help of the team at the emergency vet (and, ahem, the cash from our vacation fund for the next couple of years), your puppy is doing so much better now! He still has an open wound in his chest, but it appears to be healing well, thank goodness!

We had to watch you a bit closer these past couple of weeks to make sure that you didn't bother him too much, but it's hard to keep you away from him, little girl. You do love your puppy dog.

You also appear to love football, which is good as between watching Oregon games on Saturday and the Seahawks on Sunday (and really, just whatever game might be on), your dad and I love football, too. We don't let you watch any TV normally, but we're a bit more lax about football on with you in the room on the weekends. I figure it's educational. Or something.

This blanket was one of mine from when I was a baby! I can't believe my own baby plays on it now.

It is so much fun to see your personality developing more and more. You are such a happy, smiley girl with an incredibly goofy disposition. Your face lights up every morning when I go in to get you when you wake up and evening when your dad comes home. You continue to babble mamamama and I can't wait until you say the word "Mama" with purpose. And "Daddy" and "Cody," too. But really I can't wait to hear you say mama. 

I love you so much little lady. To the moon and back.

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