Thursday, September 19, 2013

Not our greatest week

Well. I've had better birthday weeks, that's for sure. However, given that my family (including my dog) is home, healthy (or at least looks like we're on the way to getting healthy), it could have been a lot worse.

Let me back up a bit.

Last week B, A and I were supposed to head to California to see my sister and meet my new niece! I've been SO excited about this trip - we'd found an incredible deal on the tickets, we were going to see my in laws, I was going to get to have coffee with this girl and her incredible kid... Basically, I was going on vacation (even just a long weekend!) for the first time in far too long (seriously... the last vacation that B and I went on was, uh, I guess we took a long weekend after I took the Bar Exam in February, 2012. We were due).

And then on Tuesday, Cody's head and neck swelled up. So I took him into the vet. We thought that it was due to a blood draw he'd had the day before. But it looked terrible and we really didn't know what was going on. But he came home and we thought he just needed rest and time to heal. Ok, we can board him at the vet instead of having him stay at my best friend's house. More money, but it'll be ok.

And then Tuesday afternoon (while Cody was still at the vet), A seemed a little fussier than normal. And a little hot. Huh. That's weird. I took her temp and it was 103.9. WTF?? I took it again and again as I honestly thought my thermometer was broken since I'd never seen it that high for her before (actually, I don't know that A has ever had a fever over 100? Maybe after her 4 months shots?). I called the nurse. I gave her tylenol. We nursed a lot. We snuggled. She was acting fine otherwise (and especially after the tylenol, so the nurse felt it was ok to watch it overnight. Ok. Not the greatest to have a baby with a fever a couple days before meeting a newborn, but maybe we can still make this work.

The next morning, A's temp is back up to 103.9. Eff this, we're going to the doctor. Her appointment is at 2pm that afternoon, and we have until 6pm that night to cancel the hotel and flights and all that. At her appointment I find out she has hand, foot and mouth disease (but it only ever manifested in her mouth). Poor kiddo! No wonder she felt so rotten. So, more tylenol and ibuprofen to make her feel better and sleep ok. Lots of nursing and cuddling. And unfortunately, our trip was definitely off. A baby with this disease should be no where near a newborn, and neither should B or I, just to be careful. So there goes our vacation. Luckily B decided he was still going to take the couple of days off work that he planned (thank god for this!), so we figured we'd have ourselves a staycation (yeah, it's a dumb term, but ah well). Also, thankfully Thursday was the last day that A had a fever, so happy she was able to kick this virus so quickly!

And then. Friday morning Cody's head and neck was still swollen, it didn't look like it had gone down much at all. And he was walking SO much slower than he had been even a day before. And he wasn't eating. B and I were SO worried, so back to the vet he went. And then we got a call at 4 saying they'd done all they could, they were concerned it could be a fast moving tumor and we should take him to the emergency vet. So that's where he spent Friday night.

I took this on our way to the emergency vet and A kept staring over at Cody and smiling. I was crying at this point, thinking that this might be our last car ride with him.

Saturday morning we heard the good news that it wasn't a tumor! But he was still in pretty rough shape. We're now pretty sure that he got bit by a spider or a snake, probably the prior weekend (we still really don't know by what or exactly when. The whole thing is incredibly bizarre). But with lots of fluids and pain meds by Sunday night we were able to bring him home, SUCH a better outcome then we'd even dared hope for on Friday night (and a pretty awesome birthday present to wake up to on Monday morning!). Cody is my first dog and I got him when I was a first year law student. He's been in my life longer than B has, and the thought that he might not be coming home again (he's only 8!) was absolutely heartbreaking.

I don't know that we're fully out of the woods yet - he's got a wound on his chest (which we're pretty sure was where he got bit) which is going to take some time to heal. And he's on a regimen of about a billion pills 4 times a day which he hates (actually, he's now refusing them completely, so our vet recommended we give him a break from said pills for 24 hours).

But oh, I'm so happy to have him home. It was so weird to be in our place without him.

So yeah. That's what's been going on at hour house. Oh, did I mention the clogged duct that I ended up with Monday night (my actual birthday)? Yeah... that was pretty much the icing on the cake of a fantastic few days...
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