Friday, August 30, 2013

Seven Months

 My darling A -

You are seven months old. And I am several days late with this update. I'm so sorry baby girl. But we both know that being on time isn't your mama's strong point.

You, however, are determined to be early with everything it appears! You crawled earlier than a lot of your baby friends (even though you're one of the youngest in that group). And now you are pulling up and cruising your way around the living room.

The last nap before the crib got lowered!

Say what now? I'm not ready for this! And actually your dad and I weren't ready with the baby-proofing of the living room... so we promptly changed around the furniture layout and have recently gotten a new ottoman to replace the hard wooden coffee table that you so clearly were determined to bonk your head on as you climbed up to stand over and over again.

Another first of this month? Your first tooth! I first felt it (the bottom middle-right one) on your seven month birthday (we were test driving a Forrester and you were getting fussy and I noticed something looking a bit different... and sure enough, there was something in there!). So far we've noticed that the teeth (that second bottom one is right there too, so I'm pretty sure it'll pop through shortly) don't appear to be bugging you too much - no fever, no more drooling than normal, no more hands in the mouth than normal. Occasionally a bit more fussiness, but nothing that so far some cuddles can't handle. If this is an indication about how all of your teeth coming in will be, well, I'll happily take it! But really I think it's just one more example of being quintessentially you - you roll with the punches. You take things as they come and have fun with life. Not a bad way to live, kiddo, and I sure hope it stays with you as you grow older.

Raise your glass...

Your puppy has had a rough time this past month (his tooth broke so we had to have it pulled and he now appears to have contracted a disease called masticatory myostitis, making his head look all weird), and the fact that you're more and more mobile every day hasn't really made things easy on him.

We're trying to make him aware that while he has to put up with you, he doesn't have to stay in the same room with you when he's had enough. And we're continuing to teach you that we're gentle with Cody and we only touch him with an open palm (no grabbing!). It's a work in progress. But I love seeing your face light up when you see him and I know how much you love him already. There's just something special about the bond between a girl and her dog, and I'm glad that you'll get to experience it from the time you're a little girl.

Also pretty awesome? Having Grandma and Granddad so close. Getting to spend time with them both is definitely one of your favorite things!

We're still slowly introducing you to more solids. Turns out your dad and I are firmly in the baby-led weaning camp, and it's worked well for us all of us so far. Which makes me happy because I didn't have a whole lot of interest in making baby food, but I didn't want to buy it either. So I'm glad that you're a fan of eating this way, too!

There's nothing we like better than watching you try something new and give us a look like what is this? And then go back for more. I'm sure you'll have periods in your life where you won't be so adventurous, but I do love watching you try new things now.

We're also still nursing as your main source of food, and I'm so so happy that it's worked out so well for both of us.

We go swimming once a week or so with your baby friends. And you start swimming lessons in the fall! I'm really excited to learn more things to do with you in the water (I used to teach baby swim classes, but I can't remember anything I used to do with the kiddos and parents!).

I really want to make sure that you're comfortable in the water and love it as much as I do!

A few other firsts from this past month included your first Mariners game (and they won!), your first water taxi ride, and our first trip away from Dad (which also included your first winery tour!). You did SO great the whole time - I was really proud of how well we both did, but we were certainly happy to get back home to your Dad and your puppy.

You also went to your first wedding where you were the star of the show! Haha, just kidding. You were pretty cute though, and you didn't cry or fuss very much at all, even though you were out way past your bedtime! (Though your Dad and I learned our lesson on staying out late when you decided you were up for the day at 6:30am... thanks kid!)

Your aunt is getting ready to have your cousin any day now and I can't wait to hear that she's here! We're going to go visit them in a couple of weeks which will mark your first plane ride! I admit to being a bit nervous about that, so I'm hoping that you'll be your happy, smiley, social self and charm all the passengers who are around us. I can dream anyway, right?

Watching you grow is such a pleasure little lady. I am so incredibly happy to be your mama and help you learn all there is to learn about this world.

I love you so much. For ever and ever.

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