Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

One of my favorite pieces of baby gear is the video monitor. My mom gave me a hard time when she heard we were getting one since our place is pretty small. But even though I knew I'd be able to hear her when she was in her room, I also knew I'd feel better if I could see her - especially because then I could tell if she really needed something or if she could settle herself back down.

What it's also meant is a window into how my funny baby sleeps. Which, since we stopped swaddling her around 4 months old, is all over the crib in all sorts of positions. Much like I'm guessing her parents would if they had didn't have to share a bed with each other! Here are a couple of my favorite positions that I've seen... (and yes, she's a big tummy sleeper now, which is fine once they're able to get themselves in that position).

How is this comfortable??

Love the arms tucked under her head.

Yes, she sleeps with a lovey. I used to take it away after she fell asleep but I don't anymore. I do, however, take it off her face when she falls asleep like this. I'm pretty sure she was using it to block out the light since the sun sets so late these days! 

 I couldn't help myself and used the flash to get this pic. She didn't move a muscle. Or that foot. That's the lovey I was talking about above (it's an Angel Dear blanket that she loves).

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