Monday, July 29, 2013

Six Months

My darling A - 

Six months. SIX MONTHS. That's one half of a year. 182 days. 26 weeks. 262,974 minutes. Doesn't quite have the same ring as the Rent song, but hey, six more months and you'll be 525,600 minutes old.

I'm a few days late on this, I know kiddo. And I'm sorry. But honestly? I think I'm having a bit of a hard time processing the fact that you're actually 6 months old. Also, your puppy has had fleas so we're trying to get rid of those. Plus reorganizing our apartment because I don't think we're going to be moving after all. But really those are all excuses. Really? You're six months old and that seems so foreign to me.

Baby's first boat ride! Yes we had a life vest but it didn't fit her well so when we were stopped (like when I took this picture) we took it off her.

You have done so much this month. You're sitting up. You're rolling over (and over and over and over). You're CRAWLING. Yup. That's right. We even actually got it on video on your 6 month birthday. You're jumping in your jumparoo. You squeal at Cody. You're starting to give your dad and me hugs. Or at least I'll take the reaching that you do as a hug. Whatever. You rode in the front of the shopping cart for the first time! (and you LOVED it!)

You are so much fun little girl. Have I mentioned that? We've been having a lot of fun together, too. It's amazing how busy we can be during the week (never thought I'd type those words, but we do keep each other busy, I must say!). We play with our baby friends, we go to the zoo, we see grandma and granddad, we go on walks with Cody. Pretty much whatever I can think of to keep us entertained.

Baby was unimpressed with Bed, Bath and Beyond. You and me both, baby. You and me both.

You just started eating solids - so far we've done avocado and carrots and sweet potatoes. With all of the new foods you've immediately shoved them in your mouth and then looked at your dad and me like, what is this stuff?

I don't think you're quite sold on it yet, but you'll get there soon enough. In the mean time, you're still nursing like a champ. Which means that we officially made it to six months of breastfeeding. I'm oddly proud of that, I must say. I'm hoping that we'll get to a full year of nursing before we start thinking about weaning, but I'm pretty excited at what we've accomplished so far. I still remember how nervous I was before you were born, not knowing if this would work out for us. And then those first few weeks when it hurt so damn bad. But we persevered, you and I, and we've done pretty well!

Sleeping is going pretty well overall. And I'll knock on wood to pray to any god that will listen that it will stay that way. Some nights you wake up once. Some nights you don't. For now, that's totally fine. And I am still very, very grateful to your good sleep baby girl! Naps are still hit and miss during the day. Occasionally you'll give me a long nap, but generally you've been in the 30-45 minute camp. Which is cool if that's why you sleep so well at night!

You get an amazing number of compliments when we're out and about. I'm not sure if all babies get so many people exclaiming how cute they are or if you're just extra special, but your dad and I were talking about this the other day and we're never really sure what to say when this happens. I mean, I don't think we're doing as much to facilitate your awesomeness as we are just getting out of the way of your being awesome. So really what I'm trying to say is just, well, keep being you!

You and Cody have more and more fun together every day. Well, at least you do. He's still wondering when you're going back to wherever you came from. I don't think we've quite convinced him yet that you're here to stay. Though we are hoping that now that you're eating solids he'll start liking having you around more (or at least liking you during meal times!). Though he's not a fan that your new found mobility means you are now able to say hi to him whenever you want to.

You really are the best. You rarely snuggle with me to fall asleep anymore, but I managed to capture this a few days before you turned 6 months old. It reminded me of all the hours I spent holding you while you napped as a newborn. Hard to believe we've come so far together already.

I love you so much little girl. Forever and for always.


  1. Seriously how are they 6 months?! I'm glad Tenley has another crawling friend, isn't it just insane to think about the adorable little blobs they were and now look at them! I cant believe I haven't put Tenley into the grocery cart seat yet, I'm an idiot, clearly she can sit!! I've had her in the ergo this whole darn time! haha. Congrats on making it halfway through your first year, you're doing an amazing job!

  2. Cuteness overload!! Happy to see she's started driving lessons already. ;)


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