Sunday, May 26, 2013

Four Months

My darling A -

You're four months old! How is that even possible? I'm pretty sure I'll be starting the vast majority of your monthly letters this way because baby girl, I do not understand how quickly time has passed.

This month has been so much fun with you! You are getting more smiley and more giggly every day. Everyone we meet comments on what a happy baby you are. Of course you have your moments, like when we miss your tired signs and don't start getting you ready for bed until you're melting down, but overall it is so much fun to see your personality come out every day.

You did a lot of new things this month! You rolled over - twice! I still can't catch it on video (though I do have a lot of video of you getting frustrated on your tummy), but you did it!

After you rolled over the first time - you looked at me like what just happened??

You're also now sleeping very often on your side. You're still in the woombie at night - we tried the sleep sack a couple of times and it seems to frustrate you having your hands and arms out instead of soothing you. But you've started rolling on to your side to sleep in the crib. It's pretty cute, I have to say. Especially when I put you down after you nurse in the middle of the night and you immediately roll on to your right side. And then I go back to bed and see your dad sleeping the same way.

You also swam for the very first time! Our Monday morning playgroup had access to a pool and it was so cute to see so many babies in a pool for the first time. You weren't really sure at first what was going on, and you weren't a big fan when I tried to get you to float on your back. But all of a sudden you figured out that you could splash your hands and kick your feet! It was pretty adorable I have to say, little girl. And in the bathtub later that night you remembered that splashing water was fun! Your dad and I got a pretty big kick out of that, I must say.

And we took your first trip to the zoo! I got a membership so that we can go anytime we want. I'm actually pretty excited about it because having that membership means I'll be perfectly happy to go for an hour here and there or for longer stretches as we can manage it. We had a lot of fun seeing the animals (well I did, I'm not entirely certain how many you actually saw). But I actually think you were more fascinated by the older kids we saw running around than the animals. Too soon you're going to be one of those kids running around! We also drove to Portland to see some friends which made that your first road trip. You did great on the way down and we took a little bit longer on the way back up as you weren't thrilled with being in your carseat for so long.

One development that hasn't been quite as much fun has been your night time sleep. You are officially in your crib now at night, which makes me both happy and sad. Instead of getting to see you right next to me, I spend a lot of time looking at the monitor making sure you're ok. I think you were definitely ready to be in the crib as you move around a LOT. Like there are times that I'll watch you do a full 360 in the crib and I usually find you facing a completely different direction whenever I come in to your room. Also you're a big fan of kicking your legs up on the bars of your crib (to the point where I can see you shaking the monitor as it's currently just balanced on the crib - guessing we'll have to change that soon?).

However, you have gone from many days of sleeping through the night (like 10-11 hours at a stretch) to having at least one wake up to eat, if not two. We also had to deal with leaky cloth diapers the first few nights until we figured out what we were doing wrong, so no wonder you were waking when you were wet and cold! But now you are usually dry and you seem like you're just needing a snack. I'm not sure exactly what changed, but I'm guessing it's just that you're a growing girl who needs lots of fuel. One wake up is totally fine and I'm used to that, but the nights when we have more than that... well, those are a bit tougher for me to deal with. You've spoiled me with your great sleep little girl!

On the flip side, your naps are finally stretching out! This month saw the first time that you napped longer than an hour in your crib (well, since those first couple weeks when you would sleep on me for hours at a time). I can now usually get at least one really good nap out of you ("really good" for you = anything longer than an hour), but it's a total crapshoot as to when it'll happen. Sometimes it's your morning nap, sometimes it's your afternoon nap. Who knows? But I do appreciate it. You're generally at three naps a day now, though occasionally I'll put you down for a fourth nap when all of them have been short. And of course when we're out and about things can get messed up, but that's to be expected.

I feel so lucky to be your mama and get to watch you grow and experience so many new things. I love seeing your personality get bigger every day!

I love you so much!

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  1. She is the cuteness! (abraindump)


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