Thursday, April 25, 2013

Three Months

My darling daughter -

Today you are three months old (or uh, yesterday you were when I started writing this)! It doesn't really seem possible, but the calendar has yet to lie to me. I swear, I didn't think it was possible for time to go faster than it did during parts of being pregnant with you, but that's not the case. These last few months with you have been some of the quickest to go by yet! The irony of course is that there were a couple of days in there that seemed like they were about 36 hours long each. Funny how that happens.

As of this month you've been taking all of your daytime naps in your crib. You don't sleep for too long during the day, generally a half hour to forty-five minutes per nap, with the occasional hour long nap thrown in there. But like last month, I don't want to speak too much about your night time sleep except to say that we love you very much little girl and oh, please keep doing what you're doing! I will never complain about your naps! You still sleep in our room at night and while I think your dad and I are going to transition you to your room sometime this next month, I will miss having you sleeping right next to me. There's something really comforting to me about just being able to roll over and see you peacefully sleeping there. And sure, I'll be able to see you with the monitor but we both know it's not the same.

We've found our hands! She's also bringing toys to her mouth to chew on them - sassy ring links are her favorite for this!

I do have to mention that we're using the woombie to swaddle you now and you really do seem to love it. I mean, not when we first zip you into it, but once you're in it you love moving your arms around more, but we like that you can't smack yourself awake! Win win for us all, my little chickadee.

You seem to be testing out your leg strength a bit more these days - whenever we hold you on our laps you press down with your legs to stand up. We call you our little surfer girl since it looks like you're hanging 10 in your own little world. You especially love it when we listen to music and let you rock out. Something tells me we're going to have lots of dance parties around here soon!

We've been going on longer walks with your puppy dog which we all enjoy. It's so much nicer having some beautiful spring weather for those walks! I used the Moby wrap with you when you were younger and that was so nice for keeping you all snuggled and close to me, but now we use the Beco Gemini carrier and I love it! I think you do too since you're able to look out a bit more and see the world. I'm sure you'll like it even better when we start facing you out sometimes!

Overall you seem to be a really healthy girl which makes me so happy. I was a bit nervous with a winter baby about whether we were going to deal with colds in a super young baby, but luckily that hasn't been the case yet (knock on wood and please don't get sick on me now!). You did have a cough for a couple of days, but I think that was more due to dust and dryness in the house rather than you actually being sick. We did stay home from playgroup, but that's ok. Speaking of playgroup you and I are busy, little girl! We have a couple of different mom groups that we go to (which both happen to meet on Wednesdays) and then we have another playgroup we go to on Mondays. Makes for a lot of fun having other moms and babies we can hang out with.

Not quite rolling over, but also not hating tummy time as much as we used to! Yay!

We also had your two month shots a few weeks ago. Let me tell you, I think those were harder on me then they were on you! You were not a fan of the shots and definitely cried during them, but after I nursed you, you seemed perfectly happy again. No fever that night and no real fussiness, but I did take the extra snuggles I got out of you that day! We do wonder if you remembered the nurse's gray hair after the shots though because for a week or so whenever your Granddad held you, you cried! We spent Easter weekend at my parents' house and it wasn't until Tuesday that you let Granddad hold you without crying. I sure do hope that you've fully forgotten about all of that because your grandparents love you so much and I don't want you to cry when any of them hold you. Your other Grandpa came up this past weekend and you had so much fun getting to see him again!

With as much and as quickly as you're growing and changing little girl, I want to show you the whole world. But the world is sometimes a scary place as was brought home again this past week when two brothers placed bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. One of our good friends has run that race the last 4 years and we were all incredibly relieved that she wasn't running it this year (because she's pregnant with a new friend for you!). But I've also found that with events like these I'm suddenly identifying much more with the parents. I noticed this also when Kevin Ware got injured so badly during March Madness this year. The first thing I thought of (after hoping he was ok!) was I can't imagine being his mom and seeing that type of injury. I imagine that this will only get stronger as you get older, but I admit I didn't think I would identify with other parents in this way quite so quickly. I guess I'm growing as a parent as fast as you're growing, huh?

Overall you are such a happy baby - I think that's one of the things that I'm loving the most as you get older and we see your personality come shining through. Sure you cry when you need something and oh, that little pouty lip kills your dad and me! But the days sure are a lot of fun with you here, little girl! You're an incredible person and I am so thankful to be your mama.

I love you so much!

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