Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One month

Baby girl you are one month old! (and two days... mama has a hard time finding time to write at the moment!)

It still sometimes takes my breath away to realize that I've only known you for one month, yet it feels like you've been here for so much longer.

Your dad and I have so much fun with you - as this month has progressed you've gone from absolutely tiny and brand new in the world to getting a little bit bigger, a little more vocal and taking up so much of my heart. Right now your needs are pretty basic - eating, sleeping, needing a clean diaper. All needs that we can meet, though perhaps not always as quickly as you'd like! But you're such a champ. You cry when you need something. Sure sometimes that need is to just be a bit on the fussy side (recent evenings come to mind!), but truly you are such an amazingly good baby. Your grandma always said that I was a good baby, so I like to think you're taking after me.

Unfortunately for us, sleep isn't always your favorite thing to do anymore. The first couple of weeks you were truly content to sleep anywhere, anytime. We use an app to track how much you're sleeping (and eating and diaper changes... your data loving parents are loving it!), and man, I wish we'd started tracking your sleep before you were 2 weeks old, as I bet you were sleeping about 20 hours a day. Now that it's less than that I can definitely see changes in your mood based on how well you're sleeping. Methinks you take after your parents that way! But as I said, you seem to have moments where you think that sleep is for the weak and if you close your eyes you'll be missing out on something awesome. As cool as this world is little lady, I promise it's ok to sleep every so often! I should also mention that at least with daytime sleeping, you definitely prefer my arms. Anytime I put you down somewhere you're pretty much guaranteed to wake up 5-10 minutes later. I did get a few good naps out of you in your crib last week but so far you haven't been keen on repeating that. Even with the white noise app and humidifier that we now have to help you with  your night time sleeping!

But truthfully, your night sleep has actually been pretty good up until the last few nights. At about 2-3 weeks you were sleeping in 3-4 hour chunks (I even had to wake you up to eat a couple of times. And oh, how hard is it to wake a sleeping baby!). Now that we're past 4 weeks we can let you sleep as long as you want... sadly this also appears to have coincided with no desire to sleep in large chunks anymore! Ah well, we'll get back to them. If there's anything that I've learned in this month of being your mom it's that if I ever feel like I've figured something out, you'll change it up on me.

We've been using cloth diapers since you were 4 days old (though we did go back to disposables for a few days until your umbilical cord fell off as it got caught on the diaper once and completely freaked me out!). But both your dad and I are huge fans. We've been using prefolds with covers (both thirsties duo wrap covers and wool covers that I bought from etsy) and bum genius 4.0s. We do laundry about every other day right now (sometimes every day) because you go through a lot of diapers (and wipes). But that's ok - I like that we're not adding more disposable diapers into landfills and that you have fewer chemicals on your skin. Your dad is definitely the better diaper changer, but you put up with me as I get better at it. 

So far breast feeding is going amazingly well. The first week to 10 days hurt a lot. We were both learning what we were doing and while I was apprehensive about how it would all go before you were born, once again you've been an absolute champ. I'm so happy that you're eating well and gaining weight and best of all, it doesn't hurt me anymore! (Well, the initial latch still does, but I'm told that gets better too!). But truly I think it's so cool that I'm able to feed you like this and that you're such a healthy growing baby. Plus I absolutely love spending that time with you. Yes, the cluster feeding in the evening can get a wee bit much, but I try to keep my eye on the prize that is you sleeping more that night! Unfortunately much like your dislike of the pacifier, you really don't like the bottle. I promise we aren't trying to poison you! Hopefully this will go a bit better this next month... otherwise I'm not entirely certain how we're going to deal whenever I go back to work!

I really can't get over how much you've changed already this month. We met a couple of friends for lunch the other weekend and since it was their first time meeting you they both exclaimed about how tiny you were. Your dad and I just smiled, since all we could think was how big you looked to us! We know that you're going to continue to grow and change and I can't wait to see your personality shine through more and more. Your many facial expressions are so funny and I know that we'll be seeing them over and over as you get older.

We're probably going to start transitioning you into your crib soon, and while I know that we'll all probably sleep better for it (you are a loud sleeper daughter of mine!), it does make my heart hurt just a tiny bit to think that this is the first of many, many steps in which you grow more independent of me. 

But you will always be my baby, my firstborn, my wonderful, beautiful daughter.

I love you so much!


  1. She is so cute! And I have that same diaper cover for M :) I'm obsessed with cloth diapers, it's sad that I could identify it by just the little bit sticking out from her onesie!

  2. This is such a sweet post. I love the little blocks in the weekly photos. Happy 4 weeks, she is so precious!


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