Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An incredible gift

Ok, first off, no baby yet (that's been everyone's first question, so I figured I should get that out of the way up front).

Also, this is my new favorite website. Cracks me up every time.

Now that that's out of the way, here's me on my due date (last Sunday):

That's right, 40 weeks of baby in that belly (well, technically only 38. I still find it weird the way they count weeks in pregnancy).

Anyway. This post actually isn't about me (or baby), it's about my family. And how incredibly amazing they are. And also what good secret keepers they are!

Remember how last week when I showed you the nursery and I commented that I had no idea what to put above the crib, and that at this point it would probably just stay a blank wall forever because I wanted something that wouldn't squish the child on the off chance it ever fell? Well. My family had a plan (that had been in the works for months! And I had NO idea!).

My mom had the idea to make a quilt for the kiddo, but instead of just making one by herself, she wanted to see if anyone else wanted to contribute to it. So she asked my mother in law, sister in law, sister and brother to all help by creating a square. So they did. And then my mother in law and mom each made a square to represent B's grandma and my grandma (who passed away last January). It's the most amazing thing that they could have done for us, and I absolutely love it.

For point of reference, my brother did the tree swing (top left - and the swing is 3D, made out of a button! Love it!), my mother in law did the lollipops for B's grandma (with fabric from one of her nightgowns) and the Cody face in the middle, my sister in law did the giraffe (bottom left), my sister did the monkey (middle right) and my mom did the mountain landscape (bottom right) and the seat turtle in honor of my grandmother (which also has fabric in it from dresses that my mom made for my sister and me back when we were little). Also, the landscape that my mom did is essentially the view from my parents house across the water to where B and I live. I absolutely love how much thought and love and creativity they all put into this! And as I told B, I'm honestly not sure if I'll ever actually give it to the kiddo as I'm pretty sure I'm going to want to keep it! I suppose I have a while to think about it at least.

Speaking of the kiddo, not sure yet when he or she will be making an arrival. Hopefully soon though! In the meantime, though, Cody's doing an excellent job of keeping me company while I try to do anything and everything I can think of to stay busy!


  1. That website is hilarious! And the quilt is beautiful. Great job family!

  2. That is amazing. Your family is so wonderful!!! What a great item for your little one to keep forever (you know, once s/he is born and all). :)

  3. I'm super amused that I noticed it in your fb photos and tweeted you about it, I had no idea it was something that special! It's super cute and i still love it. :)

  4. Wow! That is a wonderful quilt! So impressed with your family's quilt-making skills. That's so awesome.


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