Thursday, January 31, 2013

She's here!

She's here! And she's a she! 

She arrived a week ago, very early on Thursday morning (which means she's a week old already - how did that happen??). At some point I'll update more about how everything went (overall, really well!), but I've got a new baby to snuggle and it's amazing how much time that takes up.

As an aside, I've added her name in the photo, but I'd appreciate if no one would use her name in the comments. It's not a secret by any means, but given that I refrain from using B or my full names on the blog, I'm planning on continuing that by not using baby A's full name here either. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An incredible gift

Ok, first off, no baby yet (that's been everyone's first question, so I figured I should get that out of the way up front).

Also, this is my new favorite website. Cracks me up every time.

Now that that's out of the way, here's me on my due date (last Sunday):

That's right, 40 weeks of baby in that belly (well, technically only 38. I still find it weird the way they count weeks in pregnancy).

Anyway. This post actually isn't about me (or baby), it's about my family. And how incredibly amazing they are. And also what good secret keepers they are!

Remember how last week when I showed you the nursery and I commented that I had no idea what to put above the crib, and that at this point it would probably just stay a blank wall forever because I wanted something that wouldn't squish the child on the off chance it ever fell? Well. My family had a plan (that had been in the works for months! And I had NO idea!).

My mom had the idea to make a quilt for the kiddo, but instead of just making one by herself, she wanted to see if anyone else wanted to contribute to it. So she asked my mother in law, sister in law, sister and brother to all help by creating a square. So they did. And then my mother in law and mom each made a square to represent B's grandma and my grandma (who passed away last January). It's the most amazing thing that they could have done for us, and I absolutely love it.

For point of reference, my brother did the tree swing (top left - and the swing is 3D, made out of a button! Love it!), my mother in law did the lollipops for B's grandma (with fabric from one of her nightgowns) and the Cody face in the middle, my sister in law did the giraffe (bottom left), my sister did the monkey (middle right) and my mom did the mountain landscape (bottom right) and the seat turtle in honor of my grandmother (which also has fabric in it from dresses that my mom made for my sister and me back when we were little). Also, the landscape that my mom did is essentially the view from my parents house across the water to where B and I live. I absolutely love how much thought and love and creativity they all put into this! And as I told B, I'm honestly not sure if I'll ever actually give it to the kiddo as I'm pretty sure I'm going to want to keep it! I suppose I have a while to think about it at least.

Speaking of the kiddo, not sure yet when he or she will be making an arrival. Hopefully soon though! In the meantime, though, Cody's doing an excellent job of keeping me company while I try to do anything and everything I can think of to stay busy!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Baby's Nursery

The nursery reveal! Or at least a few more pictures of a very small room.

As I said in my last post, I really wanted a nursery that was bright and happy. I didn't have any specific theme, mainly because I don't really like themed rooms in general, so why start with the nursery? I'm not at all a design person, but for a baby I figured that bright colors would be fun, so we just started in that direction and ended up with a room that both B and I are really happy with. Even better was that we were able to use a lot of things that we already had or that my parents gave us so we didn't have to buy too many new things.

The dresser straight ahead is the Ikea Hemnes dresser, with a cooshee changer on top. We found the cooshee changer by calling the manufacturer directly, but honestly we didn't have the best customer experience with them (we originally ordered the light blue, it came damaged, it took a lot of time between when we sent it back and they finally let us know we'd have to choose another color, and then when this one eventually showed up there were still some issues with it, but we were tired of dealing with it at that point so we just decided to keep it). Hopefully we'll end up loving the changer when baby comes, but as I said, annoying process.

The half bookcase to the right came from my parents, and the stuffed animals on top are all gifts from friends. The print (as you'll see a bit better soon) came from my sister in law who just by chance ended up getting us an amazingly perfect print for this room!

I love the curtains that we got! B found them in Ikea and they're just perfect. They bring together the red of the dresser and the turquoise rug (which you can't see all that great in this picture, but the rug is a really nice dark turquoise color and is the rug that B and I got married on two years ago. I love that we can repurpose it for baby!

The crib is the Ikea Gulliver crib, and yes, I know that once baby arrives nothing should be in the crib. But until baby comes, the Tiggers are hanging out there along with the boppy (that I got for $10 off of Craigslist, yay!).

My parents gifted us the rocking chair which I LOVE! I didn't really want a glider and I wanted something that would last through multiple kids (my mom still has the wooden rocking chair that she rocked all three of us in as babies). The little wood bookcase I've had since college I think, and the taller bookcase is from my parents (yay for taking furniture out of their garage that they don't need anymore!).

So many books! B and I are huge readers, so we took the opportunity to move some of our favorite young adult type books that we had into this room even if they aren't exactly baby friendly yet (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Ender's Game series, Redwall series, the Black Stallion book and the Laura Ingalls Wilder series). The lower shelves have the kid friendly board books and other favorites. I can't wait until baby gets old enough to start choosing books on his/her own! (And yes, that's a picture of Cody in the middle. What? Gotta represent the first baby in our family.)

This is the other side of the room with the closet. B took the doors off of the closet which opens up that space a lot. I didn't get a great picture of it, but we have a hanging set of shelves that currently hold all of the baby's clothes organized by size. I figured it would be easy to grab them at the beginning, and if it ends up not working we'll switch it up. Prior to becoming the nursery we kept extra clothes and hangers in this closet, and since we don't really have anywhere else to put the hangers, they're just hanging around (ha, yes, I know) for right now until we figure out a better solution. And again, I like that we still have some empty shelves in the closet as I'm sure we'll fill them soon enough!

This is the big blank wall above the crib that I talked about before. No idea what to do with it that won't involve something making me nervous about falling onto the kiddo. So... we'll see if we end up doing anything there really. And no, there's no crib skirt. I am weirdly passionate in my hatred for all things bed (or crib) skirt. We are storing some things under there and I don't care in the slightest if people can see them.

A better shot of the print that B's sister sent us (it's a tree with the alphabet scattered around it, and the colors are perfect for this room!). So far the half bookcase holds bathroom supplies and toys. We'll see how that evolves as we figure out what we need to store there.

And looking back out to the hallway. With Cody. Of course. Big brother is a big fan of hanging out in this room when I'm sitting in the rocking chair.

So that's the nursery! I'm really happy with how it turned out and now we just need a baby to fill it! Hopefully baby decides he or she is ready to come soon...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

39 weeks (and a sneak peek!)

Woo! One more week until my due date! (Actually more like five days. Which is crazy.)

Here's the belly - gotta love the stripes, eh? I'm not sure when I've ever enjoyed wearing horizontal stripes as much as I have this pregnancy.

It's actually really hard to believe that this pregnancy is almost over. I talked to one of my midwives at my appointment today and for a variety of reasons if baby doesn't come by 41 weeks we'll probably schedule an induction for sometime that week. I'm not thrilled by the idea of an induction, but at the same time it's pretty crazy to know that at some point in the next two weeks we're going to have a baby! We talked about it a lot during my appointment and they progress with inductions really slowly, so as to give me the best chance to not end up with a c-section, which I really appreciate. However baby gets here though, pretty soon he or she will arrive! (And we'll know whether it's a he or a she!)

Also, I FINALLY got around to taking some nursery pictures! I'll have more up in the next day or so (I want to attempt to edit them because the light is sort of funky in them), but I wanted to show a couple now. The room is small enough that this is basically it, but of course there are a few more things that I can show off later.

Nice photobomb by the puppy.

The first picture is from the doorway - there's a bit of a hallway so we moved the white board there in order to keep track of anything baby-wise. We're using the dresser top as a changing table (and the first drawer is filled with our cloth diaper stash, though we do plan on using disposables for the first couple of weeks or so). Also the sunflower photos are ones I took back when we lived in Portland. You can't see it from here, but there's a bee in the middle of the flower in each photo which just makes me smile.

Then we've got the crib, rocking chair and bookcase. A lot of the books on the top shelves aren't exactly the most baby friendly, but they're a lot of the young adult books that we have and love and should grow with the kiddo (plus we don't have any other room to store them given the immense love of books that B and I share!). I'm not sure what else we're going to put in that bookshelf by the rocking chair, but I figure it's not a bad idea to have some empty space to fill up as baby gets older. 

We still have some artwork that we want to hang on the walls (like the print that's leaning on the half bookcase that you can see in the first picture). We're also being gifted a piece of art from my aunt which I can't wait to see (but she won't finish it until she knows baby's name and birthday). And there's a big blank space above the crib (which I'll show you in the next post) because I can't decide what I want to put there that doesn't freak me out in terms of falling in the crib. I wouldn't be shocked if I end up with nothing there, but it seems like we should be able to find something... any ideas?

I'm really happy with how this room has come together. It just makes me happy. I'm not a big design person (come see the rest of our apartment, you'll just laugh), but I wanted to put together a comfortable and colorful room for our first child. It works for either a girl or a boy, and I'm so excited to see our kiddo as he or she grows up there (at least until we end up buying a place down the road).

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

38 weeks

38 weeks! We're so close! And yet... it could still be another 3 1/2 weeks (please don't be another 3 1/2 weeks baby!)

Here's the belly:

And because I was looking back at older pictures, here's me at 16 weeks (I think):

Um, dang. I feel full on skinny in the 16 week photo (funny how back then I felt bloaty and gross!). Also look at the long hair! ('Course my hair has grown plenty from when I cut it...)

I'm really glad that I continued taking these photos. Back when I was taking them at the beginning (and there are definitely a few weeks that I skipped in there), I felt like nothing was changing and the process was taking forever. Now that I'm at 38 weeks, I can't believe how quickly it's gone! To paraphrase Gretchen Rubin, the days have seemed to go by slowly but wow have the months sped by!

We have our last Centering class tonight and it feels a bit strange that I'll now be meeting with midwives one on one until baby comes. I've really enjoyed getting to know the couples in our class, and as of today at least three of them have had their babies! (I wouldn't be surprised if there's another one that's been born too). Which leaves at least 6 of us that are still waiting (but it's only January 9... there's plenty of month left to go!).

As for me, I'm still feeling pretty good. My fingers seem to be going back and forth with a bit of swelling, but I honestly think it has more to do with being at home than anything (my house is kept way warmer than my office was!). So I'm trying to move around more and keep myself very hydrated. Of course I did see spots for a few seconds after walking the dog yesterday, so I'm keeping a closer eye on my blood pressure, just for my own piece of mind (though nearly getting hit as I was crossing a street certainly didn't help with keeping my blood pressure down!). Also our nursery is basically finished! I'm so excited. I'll take pictures one of these days, but overall I'm really excited with it. I've mentioned that it's a small space and I think we did a good job utilizing it but not overwhelming it.

I'm getting uncomfortable, but I'm also trying to remember that every day baby cooks in there is good for the kiddo. And I'll forget about all of this soon enough anyway in my new baby sleep deprived haze, right? I'm guessing I'll have at least two more weekly updates, but I've started talking to baby and letting him or her know that after Sunday I'm ready and he or she can come anytime. We'll see if baby listens!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

37 weeks

Full term! Now it's just a waiting game to see when baby decides to show up... early, on time or late? I would love for baby to come in a week or two, but I'm going back to my original thought that baby is going to be late. Which is going to make for some long days ahead now that I'm officially unemployed. 

Yup, yesterday was my last day. Luckily a good friend was in town who I had lunch with which made the day better! But it was still an ending which is always sad. This company was one of the first places I worked where I felt like I had a really good bond with everyone else there. Everyone was excellent at what they did and it was a great work hard/play hard kind of a place. Sadly a lot of external factors came into play which led to the layoffs, but I'm still incredibly grateful to have met and worked with everyone there.

But onto happier things! Like my 37 week belly:

That thing just keeps growing. I went to dinner at my aunt's house and everyone was saying how much bigger I looked after even just a couple of weeks! I also got my first waddling comment from my mom - thanks Mom! (it was totally justified though - tired plus walking up stairs equals me walking really funny now!) 

Kid is definitely comfy in there and we'll see when he or she ends up coming. I'm so excited to meet our baby, but I'm also getting more and more apprehensive about actually taking care of a baby. The thought that something is going to be so absolutely totally dependent on me for everything is a little bit overwhelming now that we're coming down to the wire! At this point though, there's not much I can do except to try to prepare myself and trust that B and I will figure it out together. With a lot of help from our families and friends!
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