Friday, September 28, 2012


I've said it before, but several things have happened recently which are reminding me of how grateful I am for both the wonderful family and friends that I have in my life (and who will be a part of my baby's life once he or she comes into this world), as well as the opportunity I have to be this child's mom.

Looking back over the past couple of years reminds me of the hard times that B and I have faced, and while we're certainly not finished with them all (and I'm sure more will come in the future), but today my life is good. And for that I am profoundly thankful.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


I don't feel like I've had too many cravings throughout my pregnancy (though B is probably snorting with laughter when he reads that), but the biggest one that I've had by far (and that's definitely lasted the longest) has been cereal.

Any particular kind? Nope, if it's in a box and meant to be eaten in a bowl with milk, bring it on.

Seriously - this is what my stash looks like this week (and is not so far off from the average week):

Now, I don't necessarily eat all of that in one week (I'm not that bad), but I definitely rotate through it depending on my mood. Also, many mornings I'll have two bowls for breakfast, so I consider it a victory when it's a bowl of Special K and then Raisin Bran rather than two bowls of Corn Pops. Plus, usually the Trix is saved for an after dinner snack that I eat dry. What, I never said I'm normal with this craving!

There are two aspects to this that I find particularly funny. The first is that when my siblings and I were growing up, we weren't allowed to have sugar cereal at home (at least not until we were in high school and started grocery shopping for my mom. Then all bets were off). That meant we grew up eating Cheerios and Kix, but never Lucky Charms or Trix or Frosted Flakes. No, those cereals were saved for when we visited the grandparents! Which meant that we LOVED going to see the grandparents (you know, apart from the fact that we loved our grandparents). Even now when I open a box of Trix or Fruit Loops I totally picture my grandmother's kitchen, and the apple dishes that I would eat out of and how she would gently pinch my elbow to stop me when I tried to go back for seconds. Sadly, all of my grandparents have passed away, but memories like these never fail to bring a smile to my face. And I can't wait to see what my parents and B's parents end up doing to spoil our kiddo.

The second aspect about this that I find funny is that before I got pregnant I'd basically stopped eating cereal and pretty much stopped drinking milk. I was eating more eggs for breakfast, or yogurt and homemade granola (which B makes, because hahaha, yeah right, I don't cook remember?) and even adding avocado or fruit to my plate! And then I got knocked up, and wow, cereal all the time. I'd probably eat it at least two meals a day if B didn't think I was completely crazy (and remind me the importance of giving the baby other nutrients besides Red Dye No. 5).

So - any other cereal addicts out there? I asked a group of friends about this and was very happy to find out I wasn't alone. Even if B still thinks I'm nuts (at least I'm funny).

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One more for the list

What list? Why, the list of things there's no way in hell I could have done at any point during this pregnancy.

Specifically on that list is this: Win a gold medal while knocked up. Kerri Walsh Jennings announced that as she was jumping and diving and generally kicking ass during the London Olympics, on her way to a third gold medal, she was also pregnant. Yup. Five weeks pregnant. 

I've had a really smooth pregnancy so far, and at 5 weeks pregnant do you want to know what I was doing? Sleeping. So much sleeping. Also lying on the couch and watching tv. And then some more sleeping, with a couple of naps thrown in for good measure.

Yeah. Not only could I not have played a friendly game of beach volleyball down on the beach by my house (I barely walked down to the beach, let alone attempted anything more active), but there's no way in hell I could have been at the elite athlete level necessary to win an Olympic medal. I was already hugely impressed with Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi who was 8 months pregnant and competed in the Olympics, but finding out about Kerri just cemented it. There are some seriously kick ass women out there who are rockstars during their pregnancies, and I am not one of them. And that is absolutely ok by me. The world needs all types. Those who win Olympic medals while being pregnant. And those who wake up from their naps to watch them win.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


B sent me a link to this cartoon from xkcd the other day:

Click to see the full cartoon, including the mouseover which is the best part. Also, did you see yesterday's cartoon?? So cool!

This is so me. I fell a couple of weeks ago and was ridiculously paranoid (I'm fine). I get a weird bump on my arm and tell B it's probably some deadly disease (or it's just a bug bite). And I will definitely tell you that for me, pregnancy has made this worse. Every single slight ache or pain clearly means the baby is in trouble (it's not - we heard the heartbeat again last night and it was an excellent 150bpm). But what if! Yeah, I know. What ifs are stupid. There will always be a what if, and you can't live your life waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

But it's sometimes nice to get reminders every so often that I'm not the only one out there that thinks like this.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Yesterday I turned 31.

For some reason that seems like a bigger milestone to me than 30. It was a great day (heck, a great weekend! I am a big proponent of birthday-fest weekends whenever possible, really, and my family did a great job of spoiling me with lots of good family time, for which I am very grateful). 

I think one of the reasons that it seems like a bigger milestone is simply to do with the fact that I'm pregnant. It's the last birthday that I'll spend without a child (next year I'll have an 8 month old when I turn 32!). Another reason is that I'm moving into a point in my life where birthdays are still meaningful to me, but I don't do much to celebrate. I haven't done an actual birthday party in years (last year we were in California for my sister's wedding, the year before that I think I had drinks with some girlfriends, the year before that who knows?). A couple friends did a big party for their 30th last year and it was a lot of fun (until I got weirdly sick and had to leave early which sucked), but I just haven't felt the need to do that for myself. Maybe I'll do a big 50th birthday bash or something.

I did have an absolutely wonderful day, however, so please don't mistake my internal musings on getting older for anything but that. First off, B got me the best gift ever - a bunch of the Anthro latte bowls that I've been coveting for far too long. This is one of the many reasons why B is such an awesome partner. He remembered that I'd been wanting these for forever and that I'd clearly forgotten about them (I'd been waiting for them to go on sale and then just forgot about them). So, lots of points for getting me something that I really wanted. And bonus points for it being hugely useful a la satisfying my ridiculous cereal cravings. See, I don't know about you, but for me, cereal needs the proper bowl (I fully admit to the crazy, as it is what it is). And we only have a couple of bowls now that fit my definition of a proper cereal bowl. So I'm either digging them out of the dishwasher in the morning, or grumbling about using a weird shaped bowl or just bitching in general. Now I have 5 of these babies - one for each morning of the week! (See what an awesome guy he is? Or perhaps he's just tired of the grumbling...)

After a lazy morning we headed to my parents where we watched the Seahawks game (and got to see them beat the Cowboys! Woo!) and they surprised us with the rocking chair that we wanted for the nursery (can't wait to get it to our place so that B can put it together!), as well as a couple of maternity sweaters (so needed! Thanks Mom!). I really love living close to my parents again. Especially with the baby coming, having family close by is pretty wonderful (I even got to see my brother twice this weekend which never happens!). Now if only my sister and her husband will move back to the area... hey, a girl can dream!

I also wanted to say thanks to all of you who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. People may say that internet friends aren't real, but I have found so many wonderful friends and very much love the community that I've made here. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

My dog is ridiculous

My dog has gone off the deep end. Seriously. I have no idea if it's related to pregnancy or what, but the boy is working up to stage 5 clinger status.

Ok, not really, but he is being more and more adorable in his, ahem, desire to cuddle as close as possible to me when we're watching tv at night now.

Exhibit A:

A couple of weeks ago, lying directly in my lap. Who needs a separate seat on the couch, mom?

Exhibit B:

Last week when curling up behind my legs just wasn't cutting it.

Exhibit C:

Last night, when someone decided he needed to be all up in my business!

I'm trying really hard not to encourage these displays unnecessarily, but it's so hard not to laugh when last night he went from curled up behind my legs, perfectly asleep and content, to crawling up the top of the couch like he's an 8 pound chihuahua. Have I mentioned that he's a 65 pound dog? Yup. I also know that as the belly continues to get bigger it's just not going to be possible for him to cuddle as closely, so I'm appreciating these moments while we have them. 

Most of the books I've read say that to help with the baby transition you're supposed to start giving your dog a little bit less attention so that they don't feel completely ignored when the baby shows up (but rather are used to having had less attention). How am I supposed to do that when he goes and acts all ridiculous?? In all seriousness though, it does help that B has taken over morning and afternoon walking duties for a long time now (and most of the evening walks too...), and he is the main feeder and taker-carer-of-the-dog. Sure, I feel bad that I don't do as much as I used to, but I don't think Cody will have quite as much to get used to as he would if I were the only one doing things for him and suddenly I had to stop. We also had a bit of a test case with how he reacted to me after I had my surgery last fall and he did great. He isn't going to appreciate the noise of a crying baby, but I think pretty quickly they'll be best buds. I mean, more people to cuddle with? Cody's going to be a happy guy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A few belly photos

I was looking back through some of the photos that I've taken this pregnancy and it's kind of fun to see the changes already. I know I'm going to get bigger and will probably laugh when I remember thinking that I was huge by this point, but, um, I feel like the belly is definitely announcing itself now.

14 weeks on the left and 15 weeks on the right

18 weeks on the left and 21 weeks on the right. 17 week photo can be found here.

I've got a post that I started writing a while ago about body image and pregnancy. I need to think about things a bit more before I finish it and hit publish, but it's definitely been an interesting process so far, at least in terms of accepting the body changes that come along with pregnancy. I feel like even though I complain a bit about the belly I've been learning to be more appreciative of my body and what it can do (I mean, I'm growing a whole person in there!), and therefore accept the changes a bit better. I'm sure how I feel will continue to evolve, but in looking at these pictures so far I can see that while the belly has definitely grown, I'm still me. Though at some point I should probably have B take some photos with a decent camera so that not all of my belly shots contain my phone...

Though one thing in particular that I'm not looking forward to as baby gets bigger? Squishing my bladder even more. I already feel like I'm going to the bathroom 17 million times a day (seriously, I'm at the point where I go before I leave work and it's the first thing I have to do when I get home. My commute is 20 minutes long. Kill me), and I just know it's only going to get worse. Pretty sure long car trips are now out (at least if we don't want to stop every hour...).

Oh well, at least I'm entertaining B!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We'll Always Remember

I never quite know how to feel today. Part of me wants to immerse myself in the memories of that day, and the news footage and the pictures and the stories of what happened. And part of me wants to continue on with the day knowing that it happened 11 years ago, and that while we'll always remember, we also have to move forward and live our lives.

Feeling my baby move this morning brings an extra pang as I think about all of the women who were pregnant on that day, whose partners and fathers-to-be did not come home. That's a harder image to shake for me today. A story that I'd heard every year but somehow never hit quite so close to home until now. 

Next year I'll have a nearly eight month old toddling around on this day. I wonder how the day will feel then.

To all of those who lost loved ones, my heart is with you. We will never forget, and we will teach our children what this day means.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Ramblings

Today is a big week. First off, I hit this milestone on Sunday:

That's right, I'm officially over halfway done with baking this baby. And baby is the size of a mango. I think it's still sinking in sometimes that there's actually a little boy or girl kicking away in there. I've been feeling movement for a couple of weeks now and I love it when I'm just sitting there and baby starts going to town. Makes me wonder what exactly he (or she) is up to in there!

We have our anatomy scan on Thursday and I've started to get a bit nervous. Nothing has indicated that there will be any issues, but of course you never know. I just really want to hear that everything is developing normally for our little mango! I'm not sure if I've mentioned it yet, but we're not planning on finding out the gender (we're Team Green as I've seen it called in forum-speak. Hey - be grateful I'm not inundating you with abbreviations here!). I've got more to say on this subject (of course I do!), but the short version is that I always assumed I'd find out the gender. I subscribe to the belief that it's still a surprise, just one found out at either 20 weeks or 40 weeks. But B really didn't want to find out early. And as we talked about it more, I totally got on board and now I'm really excited about not finding out until the baby is born! Reaction from others on this point has been mixed, but our families are super excited for us and that's all that really matters.

I've also been amused to see how Cody has been reacting to the pregnancy so far. I didn't really think he was acting all that different, but B commented the other day that he seems to be more protective of me recently. He's always hated when I yell (I tend to get loud when I voice my displeasure about certain things, for example, ahem, Mr. Akin's comments about the magical powers of a woman's body), but he's gotten more pushy about getting close to me and even lying on me when I do that now. It's almost like he's forcibly trying to lower my blood pressure?

Cody on my lap last night after I went off about something.

It's completely and utterly adorable (and probably works, too, as I always start laughing), but I don't know how successful he's going to be at getting into my lap as the belly gets bigger. Hopefully we can work on transitioning to lying next to me instead of lying on top of me in time for baby to come home.

One of these days I'll try to make a collage or something of the belly pics. I mentioned I'm not planning on doing weekly updates, but it is fun to see the belly progression! At least until I get huge...
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