Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dear Baby,

I am so, so excited to meet you and hold you and start to learn all about who you are! But I feel like I should make very clear that I would really appreciate if you waited to make your appearance until much closer to your due date. I've been so focused on thinking that you'll be here late that I haven't really taken the time to think about the fact that you could possibly come early at all.

At least not until I found out last night that one of the women in my birth class went into labor last week and had her baby at 35 weeks. Also, as an aside, I should mention that her water broke in a grocery store. I know that neither you nor I have any control over my water breaking, but Baby, I'd much prefer that happen at home or in the hospital, okay? You'll learn pretty quickly that your mom doesn't like to make a scene. And I'm pretty sure my water breaking in the frozen food aisle is the very definition of a scene. (Plus I'd really rather not end up as part of the facts section of a slip and fall case, m'kay?) As far as I know, mom and baby are doing fantastically well and are at home now, but Baby, please don't follow suit! There is no need to come that early, ok? I know you might think it'd be fun to come this weekend when so much of your extended family will already be in town, but don't worry, they'll come back to meet you, I promise!

Because Baby, while we have a lot of things all ready for your arrival, we're still missing some key elements. I know exactly when I'm going to get them and from where, but I need you to stay put for a bit longer. At the very least until after Christmas when you'll be 37 weeks and I'll feel a bit more at ease about you coming into the world. But really, it's perfectly ok for you to wait until your due date. I know that I'll be getting more and more uncomfortable and will probably start asking for you to go ahead and come out already, but it's ok. Take your time. We'll have a whole lifetime to get to know each other. This is on your timetable and not mine. Come when you're ready.

Just please don't be ready for another 3-6 weeks, ok?

Love you,
Your Mom


  1. My aunt told me that when she was major pregnant, she had a phobia of her water breaking at the grocery store. So, she used to go directly to the pickle aisle, put a giant glass jar of pickles in her cart and then do all her shopping. That way, in case her water broke in the middle of shopping, she could just drop the jar of pickles on the floor, shattering it and high-tail it out of there before anyone realized it was really her water that broke and not pickles. I think this is hilarious! Even better was the fact that she said by the end of doing all her grocery shopping she was too lazy (and forgetful) to take the jar of pickles back that she'd just buy them. By the time she had the baby she had something like 37 jars of pickles at home!


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