Saturday, December 29, 2012

36 weeks

I hate to leave so long with such a bummer of a post as the last one that I wrote. So even though I'm 37 weeks tomorrow (full term! How did that happen??), here's a quick 36 week update for you.

As you can see, it's a different bathroom! We were at my parents house for Christmas, so I took the picture in their bathroom. Belly is feeling big. But otherwise, I'm still doing ok. Sure it's hard to bend over, and sure it's hard to get up if I sit down on the floor (or heck, even the couch half the time), but I know things could be plenty worse, so I'll take this!

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas - first with B's family and then with mine. Everyone was so generous and baby is already so loved it's crazy. Plus we were gifted a few major things that we hadn't gotten yet (including our infant car seat and stroller!), which was really wonderful of our family to do for us.

The soon-to-be-Grandma helping Cody open one of his presents.

B opening one of many presents for the kiddo. Notice the teeny tiny Smartwool socks for the kiddo? Yeah, I couldn't resist those, given our history with those socks! Baby needed its own first pair.

We are now back home after two full weeks with family (a week with B's family in town and then we spent several days with my family). It was so absolutely wonderful to see everyone (and take my mind off of recent events...), but oh how I love sleeping in my own bed!

Otherwise not much else is new. I walk so very slow now (it's rather hilarious to go on walks with B and Cody - they'll end up 10 feet ahead of me without even trying because my walking pace is so slow now!). I've also been having plenty of Braxton Hicks contractions, but haven't felt any real contractions (that I know of), so I'm pretty sure baby is perfectly content to hang out for a little while longer. No tax baby for us! (Which is absolutely fine Baby, we've still got plenty to do!) I'm definitely in nesting mode now which is a bit entertaining to me (I have to remind myself to sit down every so often because my back gets so tight), but we'll get everything done and ready soon. I'm so excited to meet this kiddo and start to get to know him or her, but I'm also really looking forward to having a few weeks to rest and relax and prepare for baby's arrival. 

And let's be honest - I'm also looking forward to one last New Year's Eve without having to pay a babysitter! Happy New Year's all!

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  1. I bought the socks too! I hate to be the bearer of the worst news but they suck. They DO NOT STAY ON THE FOOT. I have heard this from lots of people now too. The good news is that the 12-24 month ones are great except they don't have anti-slip soles.


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