Tuesday, December 11, 2012

34 weeks

I feel like the last few weeks have been some of the fastest to go by this entire pregnancy. And I'm pretty sure I start each post with some variation of where has the time gone, but seriously! Where has the time gone?? In 2 1/2 weeks I will be 37 weeks which means that if baby decides it wants out, no one will stop it! I keep telling myself that I'll give birth past my due date, but now I'm starting to wonder if I've gone too far with that mentality because there's NO way that we're going to have everything ready in the next 2 1/2 weeks! I mean, we still don't have an infant car seat and stroller yet (we do have a convertible car seat, so if baby decided to come we have a way to get him/her home. But I'm still planning to get an infant car seat for the first few months). 

But we also need things like crib sheets. And a couple of bottles would be nice. We're pretty much set on most things (and I did a bunch of baby-related-stuff laundry over the weekend so all of that's done), but I'd like to get a few more footie sleepers, plus some long sleeve onesies (we have a ton of onesies but they're all short sleeves, and I imagine a child born in January might need a few with long sleeves. Just a guess though). And while we spent a bunch of time organizing baby's room over the weekend, there's still more to be done. Because right now the crib is full of stuff that is not allowed to be there when the baby comes! (Pretty sure having the infant tub and sharp cornered pictures frames in the crib is not on anybody's list of approved items!)

I was excited to find a used boppy pillow and moby wrap off of Craigslist the other weekend, though. Much happier paying $10/each for those items than full price. And even though I sometimes freak myself out about baby preparedness, I know that we'll be fine (and as others keep telling me, stores stay open after the baby comes! What a concept! Plus Amazon Prime means never having to leave your couch). I think it's the combination of the holidays (my inlaws start coming into town tomorrow and will be here for the next week before it's Christmas Day when we'll be celebrating Christmas with my side of the family) and the fact that we're so busy doing everything else that I won't really get to focus on any more baby prep until practically January. On the other hand, if I wanted distractions to help speed up a few of these weeks as I get more and more uncomfortable, well then, I picked the best time of year to be this pregnant!

Speaking of being this pregnant - here's the 34 week belly picture. 

I know the kiddo is supposed to grow more between now and when it's born, but man. I already feel huge. Where is the kid going to go?

On the plus side, even though I walk ridiculously slowly (I swear it's physically impossible for me to go any quicker! But it does make it interesting to walk Cody with B, since they'll be trying to walk slowly with me and still end up 10 feet ahead of me), I haven't had any problems with swelling yet (knock on wood). All of my rings still fit and all of my shoes still fit (well, the 2 pairs of slip ons that I have which are the only ones that I will wear these days). I attribute that mostly to the ridiculous quantities of water that I've been drinking, but I'll take it. However, the unfortunate side effect is certainly the number of times I have to go to the bathroom... I'm definitely looking forward to when that is no longer the case!


  1. Your bump is growing! Hope the swelling stays away.

  2. I didn't have an opinion before, but now I totally think you are having a boy. :) Hope the last few weeks go quickly for you! And that you get everything done!

    1. I keep going back and forth on what I think the baby is... definitely getting excited to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl!

  3. Totally my fear too and I'm still not in the 3rd trimester!


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