Tuesday, December 4, 2012

33 weeks

This weekend we did this:

We also celebrated the little alien with good food, extremely generous friends, and some adorable handmade onesies and bibs:

Seriously, my baby shower was absolutely wonderful. I plan to write a post with additional pictures as soon as I get more pictures together (though I'm not sure how many actually turned out unfortunately). This was an event where I tried to be more present instead of thinking about documenting the moments, the only downside of which is that I forgot to get a picture with the wonderful hostesses! Ah well... 

And I currently look like this (33 weeks):

As compared to last week when I looked like this:

I take the pictures at about the same time in the morning each week, so I'm not really sure why the color is so off from week to week. I could probably edit that. I could probably do a lot of things.

Maybe it's just because I'm standing a bit differently, but it feels like the belly dropped a bit there. Or maybe it just got bigger. I'm starting to get curious about when baby is actually going to show up... I'm also getting a bit nervous about how busy the next few weeks are going to be (we have plans every day after work next week, including B's family coming into town to celebrate early Christmas, and then Christmas with my family and then New Year's and then January. Wow). I'm excited about everything that we're doing, but I'm also very aware of my energy levels (or lack thereof) and knowing that exhausting myself won't help anything (and could potentially lead to issues with the little alien which I do not want!). So I need to remember to take it easy. Which, ha, yeah, is totally something that I do well!

So, as a little plea to the alien currently kicking the crap out of my ribs, please please please stay in there until after Christmas! I would prefer you stay in until at least the middle of January, but I can handle you coming after 37 weeks. Just no sooner, ok? 

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