Saturday, December 29, 2012

36 weeks

I hate to leave so long with such a bummer of a post as the last one that I wrote. So even though I'm 37 weeks tomorrow (full term! How did that happen??), here's a quick 36 week update for you.

As you can see, it's a different bathroom! We were at my parents house for Christmas, so I took the picture in their bathroom. Belly is feeling big. But otherwise, I'm still doing ok. Sure it's hard to bend over, and sure it's hard to get up if I sit down on the floor (or heck, even the couch half the time), but I know things could be plenty worse, so I'll take this!

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas - first with B's family and then with mine. Everyone was so generous and baby is already so loved it's crazy. Plus we were gifted a few major things that we hadn't gotten yet (including our infant car seat and stroller!), which was really wonderful of our family to do for us.

The soon-to-be-Grandma helping Cody open one of his presents.

B opening one of many presents for the kiddo. Notice the teeny tiny Smartwool socks for the kiddo? Yeah, I couldn't resist those, given our history with those socks! Baby needed its own first pair.

We are now back home after two full weeks with family (a week with B's family in town and then we spent several days with my family). It was so absolutely wonderful to see everyone (and take my mind off of recent events...), but oh how I love sleeping in my own bed!

Otherwise not much else is new. I walk so very slow now (it's rather hilarious to go on walks with B and Cody - they'll end up 10 feet ahead of me without even trying because my walking pace is so slow now!). I've also been having plenty of Braxton Hicks contractions, but haven't felt any real contractions (that I know of), so I'm pretty sure baby is perfectly content to hang out for a little while longer. No tax baby for us! (Which is absolutely fine Baby, we've still got plenty to do!) I'm definitely in nesting mode now which is a bit entertaining to me (I have to remind myself to sit down every so often because my back gets so tight), but we'll get everything done and ready soon. I'm so excited to meet this kiddo and start to get to know him or her, but I'm also really looking forward to having a few weeks to rest and relax and prepare for baby's arrival. 

And let's be honest - I'm also looking forward to one last New Year's Eve without having to pay a babysitter! Happy New Year's all!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


I didn't really anticipate writing another post this week, and I certainly didn't anticipate the reason for the post that I'm writing today.

I got laid off yesterday.

I didn't see that one coming, I'll be honest.

Now, I knew that there were some problems and things weren't necessarily going in the direction that we had all planned on, but I thought that we at least had a few more months. Because really? Less than a week before Christmas? Also, not sure if you've noticed, but I'm almost 9 months pregnant. So, among other people getting laid off from my company is a 9 month pregnant lady, a week before Christmas.

And a Happy New Year to you, too!

Yesterday morning I was in a panic. Today I'm feeling better. It still sucks, but we'll be ok.

And also? I discovered that I have a lot of pretty awesome people in my corner out there. People who may not know me personally, or may not know me all that well, but were immediately willing to connect me to someone they knew who might know of a job, or just might be a good connection down the line. Or who were willing to pass my resume on to someone who might know someone. Who knows what may come of it, but it's really nice to know how many amazing people are out there and are willing to help someone who had a shitty day. To those of you who reached out - thank you so much. I appreciate it more than you know.

Sadly, I've been here before. I did graduate from law school into the worst recession since the Great Depression after all. But as B reminded me last night, we've always landed on our feet. And we've got a lot more things in the positive column this time than we did last time. Sure, we've also got the aforementioned baby on the way, but perhaps it's a good thing that I won't even have to pretend to think (or not think) about my job when the kiddo comes. And with how exhausted I've been lately, I'm not going to lie and say that the prospect of actually getting to take afternoon naps (as opposed to sitting at my desk wishing I could take an afternoon nap) doesn't thrill me a little bit.

I am hopeful that something better lies ahead. I don't know what that is yet, but I'm certainly on the watch for it. Christmas has always seemed like such a hopeful and happy time of year, and I'm determined to remain positive and enjoy this time with my family and friends. 

To all of you, I wish you a Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, and a very happy New Year. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

35 weeks

I'll be honest, I've been doing my best to stay away from the news since Friday. I just... it's too hard and too real and I just cannot fathom any part of it. Plus I have no words to make any sense out of it, and so I retreat into myself and feel my baby kick and wish that I had the ability to protect it as well outside of myself as I can protect it now. I know that I can't, but still. I wish. (And god, all of the "I"s in that paragraph. It's not about me. At all. Believe me, I know that.)

It's been a long couple of weeks between being busy at work, being busy with taking care of things after work and having family in town for the last week. Plus the whole being 35 weeks pregnant thing. For the most part I'm actually still feeling well (and in case anyone cares, my rings are still on, my shoes still fit, and my belly button still has a weird scar but is definitely an innie), but I am just absolutely exhausted. I am amazed at how quickly the exhaustion has seemed to envelope me (and I also fully recognize that this is nothing compared to how I'll feel when sleep deprived with a newborn. I do know that. But that doesn't take away from how I'm feeling right now).

I keep talking to baby and reminding him or her to keep cooking away in there for a few more weeks. Luckily we're in a great spot with being prepared for baby. I think we've got a good plan of getting the last few things that we need and then it'll be the baby's turn to decide when to show up.

This is what me at 35 weeks looks like if you're interested. I'm glad that I've been taking these, but dear lord I feel like I look as exhausted as I feel. Just keeping it real apparently?

Also, I should note that I am taking some time off of work next week to be with family and friends during the holidays and I'm not sure how much I'll be around here. Hope you all enjoy the holidays however you celebrate!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dear Baby,

I am so, so excited to meet you and hold you and start to learn all about who you are! But I feel like I should make very clear that I would really appreciate if you waited to make your appearance until much closer to your due date. I've been so focused on thinking that you'll be here late that I haven't really taken the time to think about the fact that you could possibly come early at all.

At least not until I found out last night that one of the women in my birth class went into labor last week and had her baby at 35 weeks. Also, as an aside, I should mention that her water broke in a grocery store. I know that neither you nor I have any control over my water breaking, but Baby, I'd much prefer that happen at home or in the hospital, okay? You'll learn pretty quickly that your mom doesn't like to make a scene. And I'm pretty sure my water breaking in the frozen food aisle is the very definition of a scene. (Plus I'd really rather not end up as part of the facts section of a slip and fall case, m'kay?) As far as I know, mom and baby are doing fantastically well and are at home now, but Baby, please don't follow suit! There is no need to come that early, ok? I know you might think it'd be fun to come this weekend when so much of your extended family will already be in town, but don't worry, they'll come back to meet you, I promise!

Because Baby, while we have a lot of things all ready for your arrival, we're still missing some key elements. I know exactly when I'm going to get them and from where, but I need you to stay put for a bit longer. At the very least until after Christmas when you'll be 37 weeks and I'll feel a bit more at ease about you coming into the world. But really, it's perfectly ok for you to wait until your due date. I know that I'll be getting more and more uncomfortable and will probably start asking for you to go ahead and come out already, but it's ok. Take your time. We'll have a whole lifetime to get to know each other. This is on your timetable and not mine. Come when you're ready.

Just please don't be ready for another 3-6 weeks, ok?

Love you,
Your Mom

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

34 weeks

I feel like the last few weeks have been some of the fastest to go by this entire pregnancy. And I'm pretty sure I start each post with some variation of where has the time gone, but seriously! Where has the time gone?? In 2 1/2 weeks I will be 37 weeks which means that if baby decides it wants out, no one will stop it! I keep telling myself that I'll give birth past my due date, but now I'm starting to wonder if I've gone too far with that mentality because there's NO way that we're going to have everything ready in the next 2 1/2 weeks! I mean, we still don't have an infant car seat and stroller yet (we do have a convertible car seat, so if baby decided to come we have a way to get him/her home. But I'm still planning to get an infant car seat for the first few months). 

But we also need things like crib sheets. And a couple of bottles would be nice. We're pretty much set on most things (and I did a bunch of baby-related-stuff laundry over the weekend so all of that's done), but I'd like to get a few more footie sleepers, plus some long sleeve onesies (we have a ton of onesies but they're all short sleeves, and I imagine a child born in January might need a few with long sleeves. Just a guess though). And while we spent a bunch of time organizing baby's room over the weekend, there's still more to be done. Because right now the crib is full of stuff that is not allowed to be there when the baby comes! (Pretty sure having the infant tub and sharp cornered pictures frames in the crib is not on anybody's list of approved items!)

I was excited to find a used boppy pillow and moby wrap off of Craigslist the other weekend, though. Much happier paying $10/each for those items than full price. And even though I sometimes freak myself out about baby preparedness, I know that we'll be fine (and as others keep telling me, stores stay open after the baby comes! What a concept! Plus Amazon Prime means never having to leave your couch). I think it's the combination of the holidays (my inlaws start coming into town tomorrow and will be here for the next week before it's Christmas Day when we'll be celebrating Christmas with my side of the family) and the fact that we're so busy doing everything else that I won't really get to focus on any more baby prep until practically January. On the other hand, if I wanted distractions to help speed up a few of these weeks as I get more and more uncomfortable, well then, I picked the best time of year to be this pregnant!

Speaking of being this pregnant - here's the 34 week belly picture. 

I know the kiddo is supposed to grow more between now and when it's born, but man. I already feel huge. Where is the kid going to go?

On the plus side, even though I walk ridiculously slowly (I swear it's physically impossible for me to go any quicker! But it does make it interesting to walk Cody with B, since they'll be trying to walk slowly with me and still end up 10 feet ahead of me), I haven't had any problems with swelling yet (knock on wood). All of my rings still fit and all of my shoes still fit (well, the 2 pairs of slip ons that I have which are the only ones that I will wear these days). I attribute that mostly to the ridiculous quantities of water that I've been drinking, but I'll take it. However, the unfortunate side effect is certainly the number of times I have to go to the bathroom... I'm definitely looking forward to when that is no longer the case!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

What I've been pondering

Ok, so this post is about something a bit ridiculous and I'm completely aware of that, I just wanted to let you in on that right from the beginning.

Specifically the ridiculous thing that I've been pondering is my belly button. 

Told ya. 

See, everyone told me when I got pregnant that the belly button was totally going to pop out like that automatic thermometer that comes with some turkeys (though which turkeys actually come with that I have no idea, since ours never comes with one and perhaps this is a myth that I am now perpetuating?). Anyway. I definitely thought that would be weird because I was fairly certain that wouldn't happen to me as I have what turns out to be a pretty deep belly button.

So far I am completely correct on this. No signs of belly button coming anywhere close to being anything but the innie that it always has been. It has gotten more ticklish and sensitive to the touch (but the rest of the belly hasn't really...), but that's about it.

But it's still weirding me out. Specifically the weird thing is due to having surgery last year to remove my gall bladder. That surgery was done laparoscopically wherein they make several very small incisions to put instruments in and take the gall bladder out. Much better for recovery than the larger incision that used to be standard. BUT, one of the incisions they made was inside my belly button. So now, while my belly button is still an innie, it has definitely been moving around a bit because that scar is now very visible on the outside of my belly button. Which is just plain weird to me. The other three scars from that surgery have never bugged me because they're straight across, small, and who cares? This one though is all kinds of funky, I think because a) it's probably not a super easy job to put in straight stitches on the inside of someone's belly button and b) it's the inside of someone's belly button! No one will ever see it!

No one except for everyone if that person gets knocked up. Weird I tell ya.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

33 weeks

This weekend we did this:

We also celebrated the little alien with good food, extremely generous friends, and some adorable handmade onesies and bibs:

Seriously, my baby shower was absolutely wonderful. I plan to write a post with additional pictures as soon as I get more pictures together (though I'm not sure how many actually turned out unfortunately). This was an event where I tried to be more present instead of thinking about documenting the moments, the only downside of which is that I forgot to get a picture with the wonderful hostesses! Ah well... 

And I currently look like this (33 weeks):

As compared to last week when I looked like this:

I take the pictures at about the same time in the morning each week, so I'm not really sure why the color is so off from week to week. I could probably edit that. I could probably do a lot of things.

Maybe it's just because I'm standing a bit differently, but it feels like the belly dropped a bit there. Or maybe it just got bigger. I'm starting to get curious about when baby is actually going to show up... I'm also getting a bit nervous about how busy the next few weeks are going to be (we have plans every day after work next week, including B's family coming into town to celebrate early Christmas, and then Christmas with my family and then New Year's and then January. Wow). I'm excited about everything that we're doing, but I'm also very aware of my energy levels (or lack thereof) and knowing that exhausting myself won't help anything (and could potentially lead to issues with the little alien which I do not want!). So I need to remember to take it easy. Which, ha, yeah, is totally something that I do well!

So, as a little plea to the alien currently kicking the crap out of my ribs, please please please stay in there until after Christmas! I would prefer you stay in until at least the middle of January, but I can handle you coming after 37 weeks. Just no sooner, ok? 
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