Thursday, November 15, 2012

Getting through

It's been a long week and it's only Thursday. It doesn't really help that I've spent part of today listening to a CLE about immigration remedies for victims of domestic violence (why yes, my CLE reporting period does end at the end of this year!). Always uplifting stuff right there, let me tell you.

I just feel sort of down today, but I have no particular reason why. I mean, our hospital tour was great last night (the rooms are a lot bigger than either of us thought they'd be!), and the sun is shining which is always cause for celebration in Seattle in November. I think I'm just tired. That kind of tired when you've been working too long without a break and you just feel like you're in a rut. Luckily next week is a short week (thank goodness!), and I am very much looking forward to the downtime. I think I'm also just starting to get more tired during the day (apparently growing a baby will do that to you, who knew?), plus I haven't been sleeping all that well. And now Cody hasn't been feeling great which makes me all worried about him too (we're pretty sure he just pulled or strained a muscle in his back legs and he'll be ok with rest and recuperation. But he's still my baby and I worry!).

Anyway. All this to say I am very thankful that next week is Thanksgiving!

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