Tuesday, November 27, 2012

32 weeks - it's getting real

Sunday marked 32 weeks of this pregnancy. Or as one of my apps helpfully reminds me, I have now been pregnant for 224 days. That's a lot of days.

And that's a lot of belly. Whoa. It looked smaller on my phone.

I'm still feeling generally ok. There's a bit more reflux happening (especially when I bend over, though that's becoming a rarer occurrence these days!). And the noises are getting louder when I put on my socks. And my hips are starting to hurt a bit when I spend too long in one position at night (which is generally not a problem as my bladder usually forces me up long before my hips start complaining). 

My newest issue is that it appears that my dog and my unborn child are now conspiring together to keep me from sleeping. Perhaps the dog is rebelling against the fact that we left him alone to go back to work yesterday after spending four full days with him over Thanksgiving? I have no idea, but whatever it is, the boy decided to insist at 2am, then 3am, and then 4am very loudly that he should be allowed on the bed. Since I found out that I was pregnant we've been teaching him that he's not allowed on the bed until 5 or 5:30 at the earliest for some cuddle time before we get up for the day because as I get bigger there's just not room for my belly and the dog. Plus I'm fairly confident that we aren't going to want the dog in the bed all night long once the baby is actually here. So. We're working on it. And it's been fairly successful. Until he got sick the other week (and I'm a total sucker when he's sick. I admit it). And then we were at my parents and he slept on the bed all night at their house. And now we're back to reminding him he doesn't have that privilege anymore. 

So I was doing my sleepy best to get him to go lie down on his dog bed and he was doing his best to be all sad and pathetic looking and have me let him up. At one point instead of going to his own bed he decided that lying down with his head under the bed, pouting and sighing heavily was going to get him his way. It did not. Until he came back at 4:30am (after I'd been awake since 4 at that point because my darling unborn child was tap dancing on my ribs) and I couldn't take it anymore. So I let him up on the bed and surfed twitter for awhile. Fun times I tell you. Except that now I feel like I'm going to fall asleep at my desk (curse of the open floor plan office - no door to shut for a quick catnap!). Perhaps I should thank Cody for helping me get ready to be a mom to a newborn, but instead I'm cursing him for making the last weeks of sleep less restful than they should be!

Also I keep saying in my head that it'll be at least 8 more weeks (or longer!) until baby comes, but after talking to a friend last night, I realized that there's only 5 more weeks until I'm at 37 weeks (full term!). Which seriously blows my mind. I could potentially have a child starting any time after Christmas. That's just crazy.

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