Friday, October 12, 2012

Ready for the weekend

This week has been a bit odd - mainly because it's gone by so quickly!

It doesn't feel like there was any real reason for that, though I imagine B starting his new job on Wednesday and the associated figuring out a new commuting routine (his office is fairly close to mine downtown so we can drive together right now! Loving it!) makes the days go by faster. 

What it has made me realize though, is just how quickly this pregnancy has been going recently. The first few weeks as we waited to get to the 12 week mark felt like they went by sooooo slowly. There was the worry in the back of my head about what if something goes wrong, plus I didn't feel fantastic (and I was SO tired!). We also didn't start buying anything or even doing much research into the various items that we thought we might want to get until I was into my second trimester (see the tiredness above). But since we started telling people (including finally getting to tell my work when I was around 17 weeks), I feel like the weeks have started flying by. We're nearly at the end of 25 weeks, which means 14 more to go! (um, and also? That means I'm nearly in my third trimester. That is mindblowing to me. How am I almost in my third trimester already??)

On the plus side, I'm feeling really good about our level of preparedness. At least in terms of what we're planning on doing/getting in the next couple of months. But then I occasionally have visions of bringing baby home to a crib that still doesn't have a mattress, let alone any sheets! So maybe we'll want to take care of getting the mattress sooner rather than later... uh, and also a car seat so we can actually bring baby home...

I still haven't solidified my maternity leave plans (yup, need to get on that), but as I was looking at the calendar yesterday I realized that I'll be 38 weeks in January after the holidays are over. I'm hoping to be able to take off the few days after Christmas (so just take that week off essentially, as our office is closed both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day), then work the short week after New Year's in the office and then starting the next week work from home until baby decides to make an appearance (all of this is assuming that baby hasn't decided to show up early!). This feels like a good balance to me of taking care of work needs as well as realizing that I'm probably not going to want to continue going into the office every day if I can help it. We'll see how my boss likes that plan...

And in the meantime, I'm just really glad that it's almost the weekend. The weather has appeared to turn from the beautiful sunny fall back to rainy and cold which means it's the perfect time to curl up on the couch with B and Cody. And some football.

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