Monday, October 15, 2012

Pregnancy Fashion*

So yeah, there's totally an asterisk in the title because, ha! Have you met me? I am probably one of the least fashionable people you'll meet. I mean, sure I try to put outfits together that I think look good on me, but I don't keep up with trends (I have never owned a pair of skinny jeans), and I certainly don't spend a lot of money on clothes (um, the only reason that I've been buying clothes recently is because a certain bump is no longer covered by the majority of shirts that I owned. Which is a problem. Because no way do I want any part of this belly being bared sans clothing). 

Before I got pregnant, my usual outfit was a pair of jeans and some sort of nice top (or a tank top with a sweater). It's been my go-to outfit for years as it's comfy and looks nice. Plus, I live in Seattle, land of wear whatever's comfortable because it's going to be covered up by a rain coat 9 months of the year anyway (though did you know that we recently had 81 straight days of no rain? That's amazing for Seattle!).

15 weeks - fairly normal outfit for me (and what I would have worn prior to getting pregnant), consisting of a non-maternity Old Navy tank top and a skirt.

And so far, what I've found has worked the best during this pregnancy so far seems to be more of the same - jeans and a nice top. My non-maternity tanks worked great up until about 17 weeks or so, and since then I've been loving Old Navy's maternity tank tops and jeans. Plus, they aren't that expensive and I can usually find a coupon code (though I swear I always get a better coupon or email for a bigger discount right after I've ordered something. Oh well.), so I don't feel quite so guilty about having to buy new clothes. Even though as noted above, growing belly doesn't give me a whole lot of options in the needing new clothes department.

24 weeks - Old Navy maternity tank and jeans! I do wear other shirts besides tank tops, I promise, but all of my weekly belly shots are in tanks to try to keep things sort of standard, and those pictures are what I have access to right now.

Now, I recognize that right off the bat I'm a pretty lucky lady in that my job doesn't require super nice clothes. In fact, as I noted above, my usual wardrobe was jeans, nice shirt and probably a cardigan because I'm usually freezing. Occasionally I mix it up by throwing a skirt on, but that's pretty rare. I like my jeans. Luckily, this has made transitioning into maternity clothes fairly easy and painless so far - buy a few pairs of maternity jeans, add several maternity tops, use my pre-pregnancy cardigans (who needs to button those? I really just want the sleeves!), and now that we're moving into fall, throw on a scarf and I'm a happy camper. 

26 weeks! (aka this week!) Also - stripes!

The one pregnancy fashion element that I've totally fallen in love with though? Stripes! I have always shied away from horizontal stripes thinking that they just make me look fat and wider than I am. But I'm loving striped shirts now that I'm pregnant! I don't know if it's because it accentuated the bump prior to really feeling like I had one, or if I just don't care, but I think stripes are great. I also probably like the stripes more because I tend to shy away from prints in general, so the stripes are a fun addition to an otherwise fairly solid color selection of shirts. 

So, that's what I've been wearing so far. As it gets colder I'm probably going to have to add more layers, but hopefully I'll be able to get through the rest of this pregnancy without have to buy too many more things. Because let's face it - baby clothes are way cuter!

(And in searching for pictures for this post I'm realizing just how rarely B and I take photos of each other anymore... Pretty sure we need to get out more and rectify that situation before all we're doing is taking pictures of our baby!)

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  1. I dress the same way and dressed the same way while pregnant. I fell in love with Old Navy's tank tops. I would still be wearing them if it was warm enough to. Also, stripes while pregnant? The best thing ever!! :)


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