Friday, October 19, 2012

Decorating - or not

I've been noticing more and more blog posts about people decorating for Halloween, or fall in general and I'm pretty sure the Thanksgiving and (gasp!) Christmas decoration posts are not far behind. Which leads me to wonder - am I the only one who doesn't really do any seasonal decorating? 

I mean, we put up a tree at Christmas and hang lights, but that's about as far as my Christmas holiday decorating goes. And I really don't do anything for other holidays. In fact, the one time I really got into holiday decor was my freshman year in college. My roommate or I got a care package from one of our families right before Halloween and it had some cut-out ghosts that we decided to hang up on one of our (huge) bulletin boards. Then, we ended up with some holiday lights, and more decorations for Christmas, and basically decided to just keep adding to the decorations but never take anything down even after the holiday was over. So by the time our freshman year was over we had such a hodgepodge of things in that room from the Halloween ghosts that started it all to random Easter bunnies and blinking Christmas lights. It cracked us both up which is why we did it, but it's certainly not a tradition I wanted to continue as I got older!

Sometimes I think that the somewhat transient lifestyle that B and I have had the past few years probably contributes to it, given that we were moving every year (or less) for far too long. But I think it's more that as happy as decorating makes other people, it just stresses me out. I mean, having to figure out what you want to do and then going and buying supplies and then having to store them somewhere when you take them all down? No thanks. It's just not me. And at the ripe old age of 31, I think I'm learning that that's ok.

Plus, I'm pretty sure once we have a kiddo that's in school we'll find ourselves with all kinds of random things to decorate the house with!

Where do you land on the seasonal decorating spectrum?


  1. We went for so long with very few decorations, because we were moving nearly every year as well! It really is a pain to have to store things and also move them. But now that I'm not planning on moving again for at least 30 years, it's game on for decorating. Of course, for me the planning of what to buy is most of the fun (I will confess that I totally took a picture of our front porch, then photoshopped fall decor ideas onto the picture until I had my plans all worked out of what to buy--crazy, I know!). But if I had a baby on the way, I'd probably be taking things easier, making nursery plans or researching baby gear instead! And I love your thought that you'll be able to decorate with stuff your kid makes in school--that will be so much more meaningful!

    1. Morgan - your post was one of the ones that helped inspire me to write this! Because I absolutely love what you did with your front porch, and everything else that you showed off. And at first part of me was all, I should do that! And the bigger part of me said nope! Your point about being pregnant is probably very true as well, though I was like this long before I had a baby to blame it on!

      In any event, I love, love, love what you've done with your house for this fall!

  2. I'm not a seasonal decorator at all either! For me it falls into the same category as wearing make up every day. I want to want to but when it comes down to it it feels like too much work so I don't. And if it feels like too much work then clearly it's just not something that you have an interest in doing. People that really enjoy decorating will find it to be fun and exciting and not like a chore.

  3. I have a dear friend who decorates for EVERY holiday. I mean EVERY holiday. She has a separate tree for each holiday (the Halloween tree is my fav), garlands for each holiday, different figurines and window clings for each one, etc.

    I think I'll do more when we have kids because it's for them, and we will do projects that we'll decorate with, but currently I put up a tree for Christmas, put lights up on the porch, and call it good. (Our porch does look like it wants a wreath super badly, though!) I just don't want to store everything...I'm a grump.


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