Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boy or Girl?

We decided pretty early on that we wouldn't find out the gender of this baby (though I stayed wishy-washy on that decision for a while until finally deciding that I was on board), but I have to say that ultimately I've loved that we decided not to find out! Sure, it would be easier to plan exactly what we might do in terms of names for the kiddo or clothes or any number of things, but it's been surprising to me how much I've enjoyed getting to know the kicks and quirks of this kiddo without relating it to being a boy or a girl. And there's plenty of time for clothes shopping after this one makes its appearance!

Of course, this hasn't stopped either B or me from doing a lot of guessing about what we think this baby is - plus with all of the old wives' tales out there, it's too much fun not to try to figure out if this little alien is a boy or a girl. (As an aside - I realize that all of these "tests" are pretty much a coin flip. But it's still fun!)

Out of the couple of gender "tests" that I looked at before writing this post, it seemed like most pointed to our little alien being a girl (and honestly, that's been the gut feeling that both B and I have had the longest). But then when I posted my 26 week picture on twitter basically everyone called boy as their guess due to how I'm carrying. So, I wanted to try to find a couple more old wives' tales to see if there was any more clarity on what we think this baby will be...

Chinese gender prediction chart (I used this one): Girl!

Mayan gender prediction (apparently you use your age and the year at time of conception - if both are even/odd then it's a girl, if one is even and the other odd, it's a boy): Girl!

Heart rate (faster than 140 bpm - girl, slower - boy): Girl!

Craving sweets or salty/sour things (sweets - girl, salty/sour - boy): Girl! (Yes! All of your peppermint patties belong to me!)

Carrying round/in front: Boy!

"Stealing your beauty" (yes - girl, no - boy): Boy! (at least, I haven't noticed any uptick in acne or anything else...)

Morning sickness (yes - girl, no - boy): Boy (I think? I had some nausea during my first trimester, but never threw up, so we'll say boy)

So, just going by these we're at 4 pointing toward girl and 3 for boy. Clearly we won't know until the kid comes, but I'm amused that we can't even get a consensus from these! Did any of you have better luck with some of these old wives' tales?


  1. My signs were really split 50/50 too and we had a boy. I don't know how much stock to put in any of them, but I think the morning sickness and how you carry are the most accurate. I had little old women come up to me and say "you're definitely having a boy" - just by looking at me! It's so fun to speculate!

  2. Fun! I will say that our ultrasounds have confirmed boy and based on the Chinese test, Mayan, and heart rate (consistently between 150 and 160), you'd think he was a girl. But I've also been craving salty/sour stuff, I'm carrying round, and had no morning sickness. Stealing beauty? Meh, I'm calling this one a wash because my acne is ALWAYS terrible.

  3. I was majority girl (by a lot) on the old wives' tales, and there is no doubt that we are having a boy! So while I think they're fun to test out, I no longer put much stock in them, haha.


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