Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We'll Always Remember

I never quite know how to feel today. Part of me wants to immerse myself in the memories of that day, and the news footage and the pictures and the stories of what happened. And part of me wants to continue on with the day knowing that it happened 11 years ago, and that while we'll always remember, we also have to move forward and live our lives.

Feeling my baby move this morning brings an extra pang as I think about all of the women who were pregnant on that day, whose partners and fathers-to-be did not come home. That's a harder image to shake for me today. A story that I'd heard every year but somehow never hit quite so close to home until now. 

Next year I'll have a nearly eight month old toddling around on this day. I wonder how the day will feel then.

To all of those who lost loved ones, my heart is with you. We will never forget, and we will teach our children what this day means.

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