Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One more for the list

What list? Why, the list of things there's no way in hell I could have done at any point during this pregnancy.

Specifically on that list is this: Win a gold medal while knocked up. Kerri Walsh Jennings announced that as she was jumping and diving and generally kicking ass during the London Olympics, on her way to a third gold medal, she was also pregnant. Yup. Five weeks pregnant. 

I've had a really smooth pregnancy so far, and at 5 weeks pregnant do you want to know what I was doing? Sleeping. So much sleeping. Also lying on the couch and watching tv. And then some more sleeping, with a couple of naps thrown in for good measure.

Yeah. Not only could I not have played a friendly game of beach volleyball down on the beach by my house (I barely walked down to the beach, let alone attempted anything more active), but there's no way in hell I could have been at the elite athlete level necessary to win an Olympic medal. I was already hugely impressed with Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi who was 8 months pregnant and competed in the Olympics, but finding out about Kerri just cemented it. There are some seriously kick ass women out there who are rockstars during their pregnancies, and I am not one of them. And that is absolutely ok by me. The world needs all types. Those who win Olympic medals while being pregnant. And those who wake up from their naps to watch them win.


  1. Seriously, did you hear about the women who ran a marathon while 9 months preggo- she went into labor four hours after she completed it.

    My good friend ran a half marathon while pregnant- if she wasn't my friend- I'd hate her. She also lost 15 extra lbs in between kids and is now back to that weight. Yikes. Again, if she wasn't my good friend...

  2. Yep, I'm with you...not a pregnancy rockstar, and totally okay with that. I am totally impressed by those who are, though! I read another story about one of the ladies from the Olympics, sadly, I can't remember which one (you understand). But she gave birth while training for the Olympics, and was back on the track (that's right - she was a runner!!) TWO DAYS after giving birth. TWO DAYS. OMG. WHAT.


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