Friday, September 14, 2012

My dog is ridiculous

My dog has gone off the deep end. Seriously. I have no idea if it's related to pregnancy or what, but the boy is working up to stage 5 clinger status.

Ok, not really, but he is being more and more adorable in his, ahem, desire to cuddle as close as possible to me when we're watching tv at night now.

Exhibit A:

A couple of weeks ago, lying directly in my lap. Who needs a separate seat on the couch, mom?

Exhibit B:

Last week when curling up behind my legs just wasn't cutting it.

Exhibit C:

Last night, when someone decided he needed to be all up in my business!

I'm trying really hard not to encourage these displays unnecessarily, but it's so hard not to laugh when last night he went from curled up behind my legs, perfectly asleep and content, to crawling up the top of the couch like he's an 8 pound chihuahua. Have I mentioned that he's a 65 pound dog? Yup. I also know that as the belly continues to get bigger it's just not going to be possible for him to cuddle as closely, so I'm appreciating these moments while we have them. 

Most of the books I've read say that to help with the baby transition you're supposed to start giving your dog a little bit less attention so that they don't feel completely ignored when the baby shows up (but rather are used to having had less attention). How am I supposed to do that when he goes and acts all ridiculous?? In all seriousness though, it does help that B has taken over morning and afternoon walking duties for a long time now (and most of the evening walks too...), and he is the main feeder and taker-carer-of-the-dog. Sure, I feel bad that I don't do as much as I used to, but I don't think Cody will have quite as much to get used to as he would if I were the only one doing things for him and suddenly I had to stop. We also had a bit of a test case with how he reacted to me after I had my surgery last fall and he did great. He isn't going to appreciate the noise of a crying baby, but I think pretty quickly they'll be best buds. I mean, more people to cuddle with? Cody's going to be a happy guy.


  1. My dog has definitely been perching like yours in places he can't really fit. My pup is only 50lbs but his favorite spot is either on the top of the couch like your third pic, or on top of my belly in some way (usually having his head there is the only one that is reasonably comfortable to me. I can't bear to force more space between us. I love the cuddles! Ha.

  2. My dog did the same thing once the baby was born. She will not leave my side and has to be on me or next to me at all times. I thought it was sweet at first, but then it quickly became annoying when I couldn't move without stepping on her! But she means well. She's still so sweet and just trying to adjust. I hate that books say to give your pets less attention - they're still family members and deserve as much love as possible. It'll all work out and the pup and baby will be best friends. Until then, give him all the love you can!


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