Thursday, September 27, 2012


I don't feel like I've had too many cravings throughout my pregnancy (though B is probably snorting with laughter when he reads that), but the biggest one that I've had by far (and that's definitely lasted the longest) has been cereal.

Any particular kind? Nope, if it's in a box and meant to be eaten in a bowl with milk, bring it on.

Seriously - this is what my stash looks like this week (and is not so far off from the average week):

Now, I don't necessarily eat all of that in one week (I'm not that bad), but I definitely rotate through it depending on my mood. Also, many mornings I'll have two bowls for breakfast, so I consider it a victory when it's a bowl of Special K and then Raisin Bran rather than two bowls of Corn Pops. Plus, usually the Trix is saved for an after dinner snack that I eat dry. What, I never said I'm normal with this craving!

There are two aspects to this that I find particularly funny. The first is that when my siblings and I were growing up, we weren't allowed to have sugar cereal at home (at least not until we were in high school and started grocery shopping for my mom. Then all bets were off). That meant we grew up eating Cheerios and Kix, but never Lucky Charms or Trix or Frosted Flakes. No, those cereals were saved for when we visited the grandparents! Which meant that we LOVED going to see the grandparents (you know, apart from the fact that we loved our grandparents). Even now when I open a box of Trix or Fruit Loops I totally picture my grandmother's kitchen, and the apple dishes that I would eat out of and how she would gently pinch my elbow to stop me when I tried to go back for seconds. Sadly, all of my grandparents have passed away, but memories like these never fail to bring a smile to my face. And I can't wait to see what my parents and B's parents end up doing to spoil our kiddo.

The second aspect about this that I find funny is that before I got pregnant I'd basically stopped eating cereal and pretty much stopped drinking milk. I was eating more eggs for breakfast, or yogurt and homemade granola (which B makes, because hahaha, yeah right, I don't cook remember?) and even adding avocado or fruit to my plate! And then I got knocked up, and wow, cereal all the time. I'd probably eat it at least two meals a day if B didn't think I was completely crazy (and remind me the importance of giving the baby other nutrients besides Red Dye No. 5).

So - any other cereal addicts out there? I asked a group of friends about this and was very happy to find out I wasn't alone. Even if B still thinks I'm nuts (at least I'm funny).


  1. I haven't had the cereal craving (hate milk) but I just want CARBS. All the bread. All day. And anything sour - that one has remained the whole time. Sour patch kids, tart froyo, pickles, sour skittles, etc. Why can't I crave broccoli and salad??

    1. I know, right?? I have friends who crave healthy things and I wonder why my body couldn't get with the program. I finally figured out that it's easier for me to eat raw veggies, so now I'm trying to bring veggies to snack on at work or to grab on the weekend. Figure it's better than nothing at least!

      Oh, and peppermint patties are my current candy obsession. Cannot get enough. Yum!


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