Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A few belly photos

I was looking back through some of the photos that I've taken this pregnancy and it's kind of fun to see the changes already. I know I'm going to get bigger and will probably laugh when I remember thinking that I was huge by this point, but, um, I feel like the belly is definitely announcing itself now.

14 weeks on the left and 15 weeks on the right

18 weeks on the left and 21 weeks on the right. 17 week photo can be found here.

I've got a post that I started writing a while ago about body image and pregnancy. I need to think about things a bit more before I finish it and hit publish, but it's definitely been an interesting process so far, at least in terms of accepting the body changes that come along with pregnancy. I feel like even though I complain a bit about the belly I've been learning to be more appreciative of my body and what it can do (I mean, I'm growing a whole person in there!), and therefore accept the changes a bit better. I'm sure how I feel will continue to evolve, but in looking at these pictures so far I can see that while the belly has definitely grown, I'm still me. Though at some point I should probably have B take some photos with a decent camera so that not all of my belly shots contain my phone...

Though one thing in particular that I'm not looking forward to as baby gets bigger? Squishing my bladder even more. I already feel like I'm going to the bathroom 17 million times a day (seriously, I'm at the point where I go before I leave work and it's the first thing I have to do when I get home. My commute is 20 minutes long. Kill me), and I just know it's only going to get worse. Pretty sure long car trips are now out (at least if we don't want to stop every hour...).

Oh well, at least I'm entertaining B!


  1. So sweet! I love to see the difference in the weeks!

    1. Me too! I felt kind of dumb taking photos at first (and it's why I didn't take a bunch of weeks in there), but it is nice to have them for comparison...

  2. It's funny; everyone feels like their bellies are announcing themselves early in pregnancy, but when I look at the pictures, we almost all look like we just have terrible posture instead. ;) Why are we standing like that!

    You look fantastic, by the way. I think I can definitely tell in your most recent picture that it's a baby bump, but it's still small enough that I wouldn't assume it. A loose shirt could still hide it if you wanted to!

    1. I know! I definitely feel like I look different in the pictures than normally, but I'm not really sure how to change that... ah well. Thanks for saying that! I don't think it's hideable anymore, but it's nice that others think it could be :)

  3. Replies
    1. I know! So crazy that I'm over halfway already... pretty sure January is going to be here before I know it!


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