Monday, September 17, 2012


Yesterday I turned 31.

For some reason that seems like a bigger milestone to me than 30. It was a great day (heck, a great weekend! I am a big proponent of birthday-fest weekends whenever possible, really, and my family did a great job of spoiling me with lots of good family time, for which I am very grateful). 

I think one of the reasons that it seems like a bigger milestone is simply to do with the fact that I'm pregnant. It's the last birthday that I'll spend without a child (next year I'll have an 8 month old when I turn 32!). Another reason is that I'm moving into a point in my life where birthdays are still meaningful to me, but I don't do much to celebrate. I haven't done an actual birthday party in years (last year we were in California for my sister's wedding, the year before that I think I had drinks with some girlfriends, the year before that who knows?). A couple friends did a big party for their 30th last year and it was a lot of fun (until I got weirdly sick and had to leave early which sucked), but I just haven't felt the need to do that for myself. Maybe I'll do a big 50th birthday bash or something.

I did have an absolutely wonderful day, however, so please don't mistake my internal musings on getting older for anything but that. First off, B got me the best gift ever - a bunch of the Anthro latte bowls that I've been coveting for far too long. This is one of the many reasons why B is such an awesome partner. He remembered that I'd been wanting these for forever and that I'd clearly forgotten about them (I'd been waiting for them to go on sale and then just forgot about them). So, lots of points for getting me something that I really wanted. And bonus points for it being hugely useful a la satisfying my ridiculous cereal cravings. See, I don't know about you, but for me, cereal needs the proper bowl (I fully admit to the crazy, as it is what it is). And we only have a couple of bowls now that fit my definition of a proper cereal bowl. So I'm either digging them out of the dishwasher in the morning, or grumbling about using a weird shaped bowl or just bitching in general. Now I have 5 of these babies - one for each morning of the week! (See what an awesome guy he is? Or perhaps he's just tired of the grumbling...)

After a lazy morning we headed to my parents where we watched the Seahawks game (and got to see them beat the Cowboys! Woo!) and they surprised us with the rocking chair that we wanted for the nursery (can't wait to get it to our place so that B can put it together!), as well as a couple of maternity sweaters (so needed! Thanks Mom!). I really love living close to my parents again. Especially with the baby coming, having family close by is pretty wonderful (I even got to see my brother twice this weekend which never happens!). Now if only my sister and her husband will move back to the area... hey, a girl can dream!

I also wanted to say thanks to all of you who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. People may say that internet friends aren't real, but I have found so many wonderful friends and very much love the community that I've made here. 


  1. Happy Birthday, friend! I wasn't online yesterday so I am a bit belated. Glad you had a nice day!

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  3. Happy birthday!! Glad you had a great weekend and got some stuff you really wanted!

  4. Ok, so I just read this entire post thinking- awesome, I was 31 when I was pregnant too!! Then I realized that I was 32 and am now 33. whomp whomp.

    1. Honestly, I've been saying I'm 31 for at least the last 6 months, so it's kind of weird to actually be this age now, ha! What is kind of cool is I found out one of my aunts turned 31 in Sept. the year that she had her first born the next January. Nice little full circle moment (or something).

  5. Happy belated! I had a really hard time with 31 too. I think because 30 was a big party and fun and 31 just felt old. I wasn't 30, I was OVER 30. Ugh. Although now I'm staring 34 in the face and 31 doesn't seem so bad anymore. :)

  6. Happy late birthday!!

    C found 31 much more impactful than 30, too.


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