Friday, August 3, 2012


In continuing my recent tradition of only posting on Fridays, here's another random post for you.

1) Work has been insane. Seriously insane. I'm dealing with a lot of different things at work that are stressing me out right now. There SHOULD be a light at the end of the tunnel if things close the way I think they will (and that light is at least a week and a half away, but still! LIGHT! Please don't instead let it be the train coming to run me the eff over). So I'm trying to focus on that instead of how I'd like to strangle someone every time my phone rings or I get a new email.

2) I still love the Olympics. So happy for the women's gymnastics team and Gabby Douglas (who as Professor Snape pointed out on twitter has a last name that can be turned into "USA gold" similar to Lord Voldemort. Love it!). And for Missy Franklin and Rebecca Soni of the swim team (and of course Michael Phelps, but dude's got plenty of medals). And everyone else that's gone out there and kicked some ass on such a huge international stage.

3) A good friend of mine headed to London yesterday as part of her job includes her working at these Olympic games. How freaking cool is that???

4) Back to work for a moment, apparently we have new neighbors on the floor beneath our office who really enjoy blasting their music. And they'll blast anything from slasher rock to classical to just about anything in between. I feel like an old fuddy duddy but almost every day someone has to go downstairs and ask them to shut the hell up. Who thinks this is appropriate in a work environment to blast music so loudly that other offices can hear it???

5) It's the weekend. Thank god. 

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