Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Is that thing positive?

I mentioned before that I've been writing about this pregnancy a bit here and there, and there are some posts that I do want to share. Here's how I first found out, and how I told B!

Originally written May 17, 2012

I took the first test Wednesday, May 9. I was going to the opera that night with my mom and aunt and our normal routine is to have dinner before the show at a place with a great happy hour (and tasty beer!). But something about this month felt different. I wasn't late yet, but thought that if for some reason I really was pregnant, it was at the point in time where I would probably see a positive. So when I got up that morning I went to the bathroom and waited. And waited. And for the first time since we started trying, I finally saw what I'd been waiting to see.

Two pink lines.

My first reaction was "Holy shit! That's positive!"

My second reaction was "Wait, really? It's pretty faint... maybe I'm just imagining things."

And so I went back to bed until my alarm went off and didn't say anything to B yet. I wanted to be sure. I didn't want to get his hopes up only to have my period show up the next day. But just in case I had a diet coke at dinner that night instead of my usual beer. Tried to play it off by claiming a headache but not certain either my mom or aunt really bought it... (edited to add: Apparently they totally bought it as they were both shocked when we eventually told them about the baby!)

The next morning the line was even fainter. Which made me even more confused. It was still there, so to my understanding I was pregnant. But shouldn't it be getting darker? I decided that I'd get a digital test on my way home as that should give me confirmation one way or the other. Except it didn't. When I got home after work I got a big fat "not pregnant" staring me in the face.

I couldn't keep it from B anymore, so as he was making dinner I said I had two things I had to tell him. One, my company is laying off a bunch of people, but luckily I'm not one of them. And two, I might be pregnant.

Pretty sure the look on his face was fairly priceless. I mean, seriously with the timing? And who doesn't know if they're pregnant or not? I explained why I wasn't sure yet, but that I was pretty sure I was, and told him that I was waiting until Sunday morning to use the other digital test as that should be enough time to figure out whether it was really positive or not. (Though I did cheat and use another cheap test on Saturday morning which gave me two pink lines again!)

Sunday morning was Mother's Day. I took the test and almost immediately it popped up Pregnant. Since it was 5am I left it on the sink for B to see whenever he woke up, and then crawled back into bed. He woke me up later with breakfast made and a big smile on his face. And he even had a present for me - the Mayo Clinic's Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy (LOVE this book!). We spent the afternoon with my parents where it was SO hard for me not to burst out with our news - especially when after I wished my mom a happy Mother's Day, she said the same back to me! And then said, wait, that's not right! Part of me still wished that I would have said something, but the other part wasn't ready. I needed a doctor's confirmation before I could tell anyone. Though there was no way that I was going to wait 12 weeks before spilling the beans!

But in the meantime, it was just B, myself and our little alien. Holy crap.


  1. Sweet story! I love that you left it on the sink for him to see, and that he bought you the book. :)

  2. I love that your husband had that book for you! It really is the best, too. Yay for positive sticks!!


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