Friday, August 24, 2012

All the stuff that comes with babies

You know what's shockingly been a lot of fun for me so far? 

Thinking about baby stuff. Yup, we've started working on a registry already (but it's currently private so don't anyone go searching for it yet). I don't really know what (if anything) will happen in the way of a baby shower, and whatever does happen is totally fine by me. I mean, it wasn't too long ago that we got married and our friends and family were super amazing awesome with everything that they did for us for our wedding. So trust me (and I'm being serious for any of you family and real life friends who might happen to be reading this), I'm completely serious when I say that I don't expect anything, and if they do want to do something for us, well, that's just awesome and shows yet again how amazing they are.

But - back to baby stuff. First off, there's so much stuff! Second, there's so much cute stuff! Third, holy crap there's seriously SO MUCH STUFF. 

My first instinct is to just say that we don't need anything!* And from everything I've heard with respect to the newborn phase, that's kind of true. You need a car seat (can't leave the hospital without it unless you're planning on walking home, and yeah, nope). I'd like a crib as we're not planning on co-sleeping (but may plan to get something smaller for our room for the first couple of weeks). We'll need some diapers**, and some onesies and some blankets. I'm hopeful that breastfeeding will work out, but as I'll be returning to work after my maternity leave ends, we're going to eventually need some bottles. 

But all the other stuff? I'm pretty sure that it belongs solidly in the want column versus the need column (at least until I have a colicky baby on my hands who won't stop crying unless we have product X. Or so all the marketers tell me). And so I've been using our (again, still private for now) registry as more of a potential-shopping-list-to-remind-the-crazy-pregnant-lady-of-things-she-thinks-she-likes-but-will-forget-about-in-ten-minutes kind of a list. So it's got things like the carrier and stroller that I think we want, as well as a hamper for the kiddo's room and a diaper bag for me (no idea if B will want his own diaper bag, but since the one I like is fairly purse-like, I'm guessing he can figure out whatever he wants on his own). Plus some cloth diaper supplies that I'm fairly confident no one will buy (or so some friends have warned me), but I want to remember what we've liked after doing research into the subject.

If anyone is interested, I'll probably post our final decisions once we've made them (we're planning on hitting up a couple stores this weekend to start trying things out to see if we actually like all the things that I've been so carefully researching online but haven't yet touched in person yet). And even if no one is interested, well, I'll still probably post our final decisions because I care!

So how has everyone else dealt with all the stuff that comes along with babies? The other reason that I'm trying to make sure we're fairly judicious with what we ultimately get is because we have a pretty small apartment with not a ton of storage space. And I'd prefer if baby stuff doesn't take over the living room immediately (though I'm well aware that it will probably happen at some point).

*I say that because I've always been a bit of a packrack and I've tried so hard to curb those tendencies over the last couple of years. But it seems like the addition of a baby leads to a lot of stuff.

**We're planning on going the cloth diaper route. So much more to talk about with this decision later, I promise! But for a brief look into our thought process, I'm pretty sure the plan now is to use disposables for the first couple of weeks and then transition into cloth diaper usage. I like that there will be less chemicals on baby's skin and that we'll be keeping disposables out of landfills. Do I plan to never use disposables? Nope - see above with the plan to use them at the beginning. Plus if we're traveling or once kiddo starts sleeping all the way through the night and needs one for overnight, I'm all for it. But for the majority of the time, cloth is our plan.


  1. I'm excited to see what is needs vs wants.

  2. My advice is to borrow as much stuff as possible because then you can return it if it doesn't work out for you and you don't feel like you need to store something you won't use! Also, register for some larger clothes because once they hit 6-9 months you realize they don't have anything to wear. I don't really have advice for toning down the stuff since my house is full of it!


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