Friday, June 29, 2012


It's been a very long, very random, and very hard week.

I am very ready for it to be over.

My sister comes to town tomorrow.

A good friend and her family come into town next week.

It's the 4th of July next week which at least means 1 day off next week (and possibly 2 if I can swing it).

Life has been rough, but as of today there is absolutely nothing I can do about any of it. And so I shall enjoy the time I have with my family and friends and wait for life to cut me some freaking slack here soon.

I'd apologize for the lack of posts around here, but instead, I'll just point to the above. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

A bit of random for Friday

This week felt like it would never end. Pretty sure that's what happens when you end up having to work both days over the weekend (though luckily we had the M's game in there and some good family time as well!), and just in general feel like you've been run over by a truck.

But! It's finally Friday and even better, it's officially summer! (though looking outside here in Seattle to see the rain and knowing that it's hovering around 60 degrees means you'd never guess it's actually summer). But, soon the days will warm up and that yellow ball in the sky will reappear (generally happens around July 5). And until then, well, here's some randomness for you to enjoy on your Friday (where it's hopefully warmer and less wet than it is here!).

1. Have you read this article by Anne-Marie Slaughter on Why Women Still Can't Have it All? I have a lot of thoughts on this, but no brain cells to put them into a coherent post yet. So. Read. And let's discuss next week, shall we?

2. My best friend is running her first marathon tomorrow! I am SO excited and proud of her! She ran her first half marathon last year (and kicked ass!), and afterwards decided that she wanted to run a full. So, she's been training the last five months and is so ready to rock this out (which is appropriate, as it's the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon). My other best friend (her twin sister), their parents and I are planning a full day of running around the course to cheer her on. Hopefully the rain will stay away until after the runners are off the course... but being a bit cool out will make for a better course than if we had the heat the East Coast is getting, that's for sure!

3. How is it the middle of June already? Actually, it's past the middle of June. We're practically to the 4th of July already! (which, while I hate to complain about any holiday, really with the 4th on a Wednesday this year? How annoying is that?). But my sister's coming up and I can't wait to see her! 

4. Two weekends ago I had one of the best girls weekends I've had in a really long time. I've got some amazing girl friends in my life, but this was a trip with a group of women who I've gotten to know more recently, and man. They're freaking awesome. I had an absolute blast and I only hope I can go again next year.

5. One of these days I promise I'll post pictures again. Pinky swear. But there's been a slight issue with me and my camera and the lack thereof of a camera cord (actually, I'm pretty sure I know exactly where it is, I've just been too lazy to get it and connect my camera to my computer). I really want an eye-fi card. Pretty sure that's going on my birthday list this year... 

I'm super excited for the marathon tomorrow, but pretty sure I'll need a nap after cheering for S... watching runners work so hard is tough, man! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Question

So to preface this post, I am not a parent, so I recognize that this situation may be different for me coming from that perspective, rather than for those of you who are parents. 


Something happened this weekend that I'm still having a difficult time really understanding how there are actually parents (or grandparents?) like this out there.

For Father's Day we decided that it would be a lot of fun to go to the Mariners game - we love going to baseball games. This was an afternoon game when it was supposed to be nice in Seattle (ie not raining and freezing), and they were playing the San Francisco Giants. Sign me up. After a great lunch with my parents and husband, the four of us met my brother at the ballpark. We usually sit up in the upper levels behind home plate - nice view and cheaper seats. I'll take it! 

Now, I should mention that the vibe in Safeco Field that day already seemed a bit weird as there were more visiting fans at the game than I've ever seen at a Mariners game before. No idea why exactly, but there were so many people wearing orange and black and cheering LOUDLY for the Giants. I understand that you'll definitely get some visitor fans wherever you're playing, but seriously people? This was a Mariners home game and it felt like we were in San Francisco. Very strange. 

But, the part that I'm writing about in particular is the behavior of the children who sat in the row behind us. There were at least 3-4 little kids (ranging from probably 3-7?), and several adults and older teenagers with them. Probably about 9-10 people altogether (and in that many seats). The entire game the kids were either kicking the backs of our seats (or our shoulders or head) or walking between people (and therefore bumping into us). Ok, fine, I get that you want to move around, but still, when asked by strangers to stop kicking seats, it's nice to acknowledge that and you know, make sure that your kids stop kicking the seats!

But STILL! The kicker (ha!) of the game was that about halfway through a couple of the kids decided that cheering actually meant shrieking for as long as they could at the absolute top of their lungs. Now. I'm all for cheering. That's what you're supposed to do at a game. But shrieking? Long and sustained and directly in the ears of those sitting in front of you? And then when asked to stop (and this was after turning around multiple times), I overheard the mom (or grandma? Honestly not sure) say very clearly to the children, "You shriek and yell as loud as you want to, don't you worry about people turning around and making you feel bad. You keep shrieking." And so they did. For the rest of the game.

Seriously? This is ok behavior? To not only condone (by not stopping) your kids' shrieking their heads off, but then to encourage them to continue to do so after it's made abundantly clear that they're being an incredible nuisance to those around you? Just because you're in an outdoor stadium doesn't exactly give you the right to cause others to go deaf.

I was talking with my mom about it afterwards and she and I were really at a loss with the whole situation. I mean, what do you do? We decided that we probably should have spoken to an usher about it, as maybe they could have said something, but I don't expect an usher to control kids at a game. I expect a parent (or grandparent) to control their kids. Yes, I totally would have expected loud and boisterous noise at a baseball game (especially when the M's won in the bottom of the 9th!). But my ears were ringing and I had a massive headache for a good portion of the night because of those kids. And because they were directly told that their behavior was acceptable. Is that really ok behavior these days? I can't imagine my parents tolerating that when we were growing up, and I cannot imagine letting that behavior happen when I have kids.

(And one other thing I should note is that they spilled a sno-cone on my brother's bag and then acted like they hadn't done anything when the usher pointed it out and we asked for napkins while my brother ran to get more napkins to clean off the bag. They also got upset that we "accused" them of spilling the sno-cone. Uh, where else did it come from then? These were clearly the type of fans every one wants to sit in front of at a game, let me tell you.)

So were we just super lucky to have sat in front of kids like this, or is this just how kids (and parents) are these days? Any ideas for what to do in this type of a situation?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my incredible father. I'm so happy to live closer to him now so that I can see him whenever we can get together (like going to watch the Mariners play the Giants this afternoon!). Life gets busy far too often, so days like today remind just how lucky I am that he's my dad.

I love you Dad!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bring Back Our Sonics

Tonight is game 2 of the NBA finals. And this is probably one of the most painful match ups for a final series I can imagine.

On the one hand, you've got the Miami Heat. I don't particularly dislike them, but after the way Lebron James ended up there, I usually don't root for them either.

But on the other hand, you've got the OKC Thunder. AKA the Seattle SuperSonics that Clay Bennett stole from Seattle 4 years ago. Hate him and hate David Stern for letting that happen.

Now some people in Seattle look like they've got a workable plan to get an NBA team back here. I really hope so - Seattle without basketball is just wrong. Today's rally was a nice demonstration of just how badly people want basketball back. Now let's make it happen.

Didn't hurt that the rally was right outside my office window either!

Now bring back our Sonics!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brief update

Do you ever have so many things you want to talk about and absolutely no time to write any of them down? Yeah, that's basically where my head's been at recently. However, for the most part, the reasons for being busy have been good ones.

To start with, work has been fairly crazy lately. After the upheaval of a couple of weeks ago there is a lot of work to be done and not so much time in which to get it done. Which is good, as I like to be busy (I have had jobs where I get through my work quickly and then stare at a computer screen bored out of my head with nothing to do. I do not like those types of jobs). However, I also like to see my husband and puppy, as well as the rest of my family, and I prefer not to be super stressed out about work when I leave the office. So you know, that part hasn't been a ton of fun. Crossing my fingers that I'll find a new balance here shortly.

The other reason that things have been busy is just this time of year, I think. The calendar says it's June, and that means we got to play over Memorial Day weekend with family and then last weekend was my mom's birthday (and today's my parents' anniversary! Happy anniversary Mom and Dad!) Unfortunately, even though the calendar says June, apparently Seattle is experiencing another year of June-uary. Which means it's been rainy and 50 degrees. Which does not really shout the start of summer to me. Sigh. Looks like another year of no summer until after the 4th of July. I don't know why this surprises me every year, but it does. You'd think after 20 years of living in the Northwest I'd be used to it by now?

We did have a couple of great weekends with my parents though. The Saturday before Memorial Day we drove out to eastern Washington to look at some land that my parents bought (my Dad has finally had it with the lack of sun during the winter and wants a place where he can get some sun). It's a great place and I can't wait to see what they decide to build out there. And I love that while it's a bit of a drive, it's close enough to make for some easy weekend get-togethers out there. 

Last weekend was my mom's birthday, and my brother, B and I all headed over to their house for a great afternoon. Of course lots of wine was drunk while we all had a good time. It's times like these that I realize how incredibly lucky I am to have such a great family - and a family that genuinely likes spending time with each other. It'd be even better if my sister and her husband would move up here (hint, hint!), but I'll take time with them whenever I can get it.

Life isn't getting any slower any time soon - this weekend I'm meeting some friends in Chicago (YAY for two short weeks in a row!), then between Father's Day and other weekend plans, before I know it, it'll be the 4th of July and the real start of summer out here (by the way, anyone else hate having the 4th on a Wednesday?). Hoping to get in lots of good walks along the water this summer and soak in as much Vitamin D as possible. For those of you who already have summer where you live, what are your favorite things to do this time of year?
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