Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Moving Beyond Disappointment

Well that was a disappointing meeting. 

And no, that's not exactly a happy thing, so why am I posting about it in my month of focusing on the good? Because I have to move past it. 

Far too often my modus operandi when something disappointing happens is to wallow. I replay what happened in my head, thinking of various ways that I could have changed the outcome. Maybe if I had spoken more forcefully my point would have gotten across better. Perhaps if I had simply stepped back I wouldn't have cared as much about the outcome in the first place. Whatever I actually did in the moment, there's always something that I could have changed.

Except that I can't. Because it's in the past. It's done. What I can change is my attitude about it, and how I react going forward. 

And so, to bring this back to focusing on the good, I have to move forward and accept that while that may be the outcome of today's meeting, it's not the absolute final decision. And I will work hard so that at the next meeting on this issue I get a response more in line with what I was hoping. 

And in the meantime I will very happily enjoy the croissant that my co-worker brought in from Honore Bakery (and we just won't talk about the number of calories that I consumed).

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