Monday, April 23, 2012

Google hates me

So I'm pretty sure Google hates me today. My main gmail account was finally forced over to the new look for good this morning (of COURSE it happened on a Monday), and then I come to blogger to write a post and wtf is up with the changes over here? 

Seriously Google, what's up with taking things that aren't broken and trying to fix them up so that nobody wants to use them anymore? I may not be a genius, but I'm pretty sure that's a fantastic way to lose users. Are you really that convinced that this is the way to roll out changes? Yeesh. Also Picnik closed last week. Which I'm still bummed about. (Yeah, yeah, I know those features are going to be in google plus, whatever, I don't care. Picnik was cool.)

B keeps telling me that change is good. I keep telling him that he's wrong, but apparently the world agrees with him.

So no, I do not like these changes, but apparently I have no choice. And that right there might be the new motto for my life.

At least it's sunny out. Time to walk away from the computer and live in the real world for a bit.


  1. I hate it. And yes, of course it had to happen on a Monday!!!! It didn't keep any of my settings for filter and it's now highlighting stuff I don't want highlighted. Why do you think an email from Shutterfly is important? Why, Google, WHY??

    B is wrong. You're right.

  2. Bah! Change is not always good! Sometimes change is stupid and ugly and was probably done to extract more personal information about us so Google can take another step towards becoming SkyNet and building Terminators and enslaving us all to the machines.

    Gmail switched me over on Friday. I'm bitter.

  3. Oh god, I love you both! And yes, pretty sure we're all going to be enslaved to the google machine sooner rather than later (and yes, I also realize the irony in bitching about it but making no move to switch to something else. Oops?)

  4. Ugh, I feel like they're just changing things to change them at this point. I'm still fed up with Reader, now that you can't click the stationary word "Reader" to go back to the reader home page, you have to click 'Home'. Which is a huge pain to scroll up to. Ok, not huge, but a pain anyway! Scrolling up is so much work, Google!

    I haven't even figured out the new blogger and gmail interfaces enough to bitch about them.

    1. Yes! I also hate that they moved the "Reader" link into the "more" tab instead of having it along the top bar.


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