Monday, March 12, 2012


Nothing like relaxing a little too completely after a huge stressor is off your shoulders to make you forget you haven't updated your blog in awhile!

The bar exam is D-O-N-E! Now I just have to wait until the end of April to find out whether I passed. It's funny, this time around was a very different experience than last time, not only for the way I studied and the fact that I didn't know a soul in the exam room (of a couple hundred people) unlike last time when it seemed like practically half my graduating class was in the exam room (of many more hundred people) with me. It was also very different in what I came back to after the exam was over. In order to understand what I mean, first you should know that, generally speaking, law students (at least the ones I know) are a very superstitious bunch, especially when it comes to the bar exam. You don't talk about it once it's over. You don't ask someone how they feel or whether they think they passed. You just don't. Because at that point, there's nothing you can do. The questions have been answered, the essays turned in, all you can do is wait.

This time, all of my law school friends still followed that routine (lots of "Congratulations on being finished!", but no "So, how'd it go? Did you pass?"), but every single person at work asked me how it went. And whether I had passed. And how I thought I did. And was it hard. And on and on and on. Before you think I'm a total jerk, believe me, I absolutely know that they only ask because they're friends of mine who know how stressed I was before the test and were happy for me that it was over. And they don't understand the superstitious nature that I have surrounding this test. But it was actually really hard for me to talk about it so much after I was back at work last week! Which just makes me incredibly thankful that I was able to stay out of the office the day immediately following the exam so that I had a bit more distance before dealing with all of the questions.

But as we are in the middle of the waiting game now, I am doing my best to simply put it out of my head. And I'm doing that by spending much needed time with family and friends, which I've been neglecting far too much the past couple of months. This weekend B and I had a game night with friends on Friday night (and didn't get home until 2am), had drinks and dinner with other friends on Saturday and then dim sum with yet another group of friends on Sunday morning. My heart is full knowing how many wonderful people are in my life, and I'm trying to make sure they all know how much I love them (even if it means I am exhausted this morning!).

And of course, I'll have more time to spend here with you all. I have a lot of things I want to do around here, and now I actually have the time to do some of them. I'm looking forward to it, and I so appreciate you all for reading and encouraging me through these last couple of months!

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  1. My fingers and toes are crossed for you. The bar exam is the worst. I only had to take one, but my husband has taken 3 states, so I know how stressful and exhausting it can be. Sending good vibes your way!


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