Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weddings After Marriage

I've been thinking about weddings a lot lately (which may not seem very odd, I mean, I do write for a wedding website), but it actually is a bit strange for me at the moment. Because honestly? I've felt completely checked out of the wedding world for a little while now (which is one reason why even though I've mostly finished my recaps, I haven't gone back to finish up the few more posts that I've been meaning to write).

One of the reasons, I think, is that I haven't gone to that many weddings recently. B and I were at the tail end of a lot of our friends who got married right after college or law school. And B and I ourselves got married over a year ago (holy cow, seriously?), and then my sister got married last September. But those are the only weddings I've been to for awhile. And since I was an active participant in both of them (bride and maid of honor), neither gave me a lot of time for reflection, especially during the ceremony.

I've started thinking about weddings again since my cousin is getting married soon. And I'm really, really excited to have the chance to attend a wedding as a married guest. B's best man told him that after he got married, there was just something different about attending weddings. Not better or worse, but different. Perhaps a deeper feeling, now that you understand what it's like to stand in front of your family and friends and say your vows to your spouse. You understand all of the time and energy and emotion that's gone into the day, and you know exactly how excited the bride and groom (and their families!) are.

While my cousin and his fiance are looking forward to starting this next phase of their family, I'm excited to sit with my husband and watch them take this step. To see their extended families welcoming the two of them, and to see everyone who will be there supporting them along the journey. I can't wait. Especially since it was only a few months ago that we gathered to say goodbye to my grandmother. It feels very good to have a much happier occasion to celebrate.

Did anyone else feel this way about weddings after they got married? 

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