Saturday, March 24, 2012

Loved it!

I absolutely loved the Hunger Games movie. Really, I think it might be one of my favorite movie adaptations of a book that I've seen yet. And since I loved the books so much, I'm really happy they did such a great job! My only very slight quibble has to do with the end of the games. I don't want to say much for those of you who haven't seen it yet, but I thought the filmmakers made an interesting choice about the very end of the games that changes how I think those actions are perceived (versus the way it happened in the book). But that is such a minor, minor issue compared to how much I really enjoyed the movie, and I don't think it's necessarily bad - just different from the books.

Now I can't wait for the next ones to come out, though I think I read somewhere that they're creating 4 movies out of the books? B and I spent last night trying to figure out how they're going to do that, and I'm honestly not sure. I had a pretty good idea of where the break would be when they announced that the last Harry Potter book would be two movies, but I'm really not sure about these books. Which clearly means I need to go re-read the last two right away so that I can figure it out. Which I'll do as soon as I get them back from my best friend!

And seeing the movie at the 21+ theater was such a great idea. We'll definitely be heading back there for future movies, as I have to say, no teenagers and beer during a movie is the way to watch a show! The whole lobby area is like a bar that just happens to have a movie theater attached to it. And also? You can pre-order drinks and they'll deliver them to you at a specific time in the movie. That is awesome.

I only had two annoyances, and only one of them was an issue because of the theater (and it was pretty much our own fault since we'd never been there). See, the theater is fairly small (it probably sat about 100 people, but it honestly felt smaller than that), and the rows were broken up and staggered so that each row had two sections of 4 seats and one section of 2 seats. B and I sat in the 2 seat section, but apparently we managed to sit in the main aisle for when people brought drinks in (or if people had to get up and go to the bathroom). So while it wasn't that often, we definitely kept getting people walking in front of us which was kind of annoying when I just wanted to watch the movie! But we know where not to sit next time.

The other annoyance was that the girl across the aisle from me kept looking at her phone the WHOLE movie. WHO DOES THAT? Besides a phone actually ringing, I think the most annoying thing a person can do in a DARK theater is to constantly be turning their phone on so the glow can annoy everyone around them. I'm pretty sure she was texting someone, because I swear, every 20 minutes she was checking that thing. Now, I have to ask, if you're so excited to see a show that you go see it on opening day, WHY don't you just watch the movie instead of texting with people who aren't there? Lame.

But other than that, seriously awesome. The movie was fantastic, the theater was great, and I love getting to go on dates with my husband (after the show we had a drink at our favorite bar and then pizza. Great night!).


  1. Now I have to see if we have a 21+ theater in town! I know we have fork and screens, where they have a bar and a restaurant and you sit at tables/stools but I don't know if they're 21+! I might actually go see a movie if we do...

  2. A 21+ theater sounds like absolute heaven for movies like this. Teenagers annoy me! Checking into that one, for sure!

  3. My husband and I have talked about how great a 21+ theater would be multiple times but we do not have any in our area. =)

  4. I wish our 21+ theater was open already so we could have seen it there. There were children far to young in our theater. One broke our in tears and the Mom took her sweet time taking him out. Poor kid :-( I loved the movie too, but there were definitely subtlties I thought were missing. However, I don't know what they could have done other than make the movie longer to add them. There is one thing from the ending they left out I thought they should have kept, but I'm sure they have a plan with the next movies.
    P.S. I liked the 3rd book too and think it ended well.


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