Monday, February 20, 2012

One Year Later

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I cannot believe that a year has gone by already. B and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary, but it still feels like just yesterday we were in front of our family and friends saying "I do."

I've been studying for the bar exam for the past couple of months, and seeing as the exam is next week, we decided to have a low key anniversary weekend, and go away for a long weekend after the exam is done. (And if you've been playing along, no, we still haven't taken our real honeymoon, and yes the fabulous 1st anniversary trip that I wanted to plan is not going to happen. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little bit sad about that, but I'm really hoping that within the next few months we'll be able to plan a relaxing getaway for our super belated honeymoon!)

B made dinner for the two of us, and we enjoyed a bottle of the same Viognier that we had at our reception dinner one year earlier. 

Dessert is where I pulled off my surprise for B. The cake that we had at our wedding was incredibly delicious but we were both so busy that after we cut it we each had approximately 1 bite before we were pulled off in different directions, and neither of us got a chance to have any more (we had a whole dessert table, so we just had a fairly small cake). I discovered later that the cake had come from Blackbird Bakery, so I sent them a picture and ordered a 6 inch version of the same cake! It was a lot of fun to surprise B with it, and it was just as delicious as I remembered it! 

As for presents, we decided to go a bit more on the low key side. Well, that's a lie. That's what I thought we had decided, but instead B ended up surprising me with three incredibly thoughtful presents. We both took the first anniversary theme of paper to heart, but he did a great job. He framed one of the wine labels that I had designed (for our custom blended wedding wine), he ordered beautiful blind embossed stationary for me with my married name, and he found an incredibly gorgeous (and informative!) book on photography.

Since B has been learning to draw recently, I got him a sketchbook as well as another notebook as he's always writing and had just about run out of room in his current one (and yes, I did wrap his notebooks in leftover Crate and Barrel ribbon that I found recently which was from one of the wedding gifts we received! I couldn't find wrapping paper and this cracked me up too much to not use it).

B also got me more tulips - tulips were the flowers that I carried at our wedding and they're one of my favorites. 

As first anniversaries go, I can't imagine a better one! Our first year has had its challenges, but our relationship wasn't one of them. I just hope that future years are as wonderful as our first year has been.

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  1. Happy anniversary! Good luck with the bar exam next week.


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