Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So close!

Two days down, one more to go. Luckily the last day isn't a full day, but a half day of professional responsibility essays.

I'm so ready to be done. No more studying in the evenings, no more devoting the majority of my weekends to trying to memorize what's required for personal jurisdiction, or all of the elements for various crimes like robbery, assault, or felony murder. Not to mention having to detail the constitutional violations an officer may have committed by interrogating a suspect without the correct Miranda warnings! 

It's amazing to me that I was able to store as much knowledge in my head as I did - and it's been pouring out of me for the past two days as I answered 18 essay questions.

I have six more questions tomorrow and then I'm done! 

(and will immediately commence praying that I passed until I find out the results in 9 weeks!)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hey, look, I remember this feeling!

Hey, so remember when I said I was feeling better about taking the bar exam this time around? HA! Apparently I just needed this week to hit and OH MY GOD I kind of want to die now. Between everything blowing up at work (SERIOUSLY why is it the week that I'm going to be gone for the exam is the EXACT week that shit hits the fan and I actually really need to be at work?), and not getting some final study time that I really really REALLY need, I'm currently a stressed out maniac. 

The thing that put me over the edge? People making excuses instead of just FIXING THE PROBLEM. I don't want to get into the whole thing, but let's just say there is an issue with one of my study materials. I emailed requesting that the issue be fixed, and they're just getting back to me today (why yes, it is the Friday before the exam! What awesome timing!). So, now I have to take time out of my day to get the issue resolved (which remember, I don't really have at the moment because I either need to be working or studying), and I'm still getting bullshit excuses. I DON'T CARE why it hasn't been fixed yet, just help me figure out a solution, ok?

So yeah. I definitely remember this feeling. And this time it's even worse because of my job related responsibilities. I don't want to let anyone down there, so I'm trying to do everything I can. At the same time, I really don't want to fail this exam and have to take it AGAIN in July. So, I'm really trying to make sure that I get in the studying I need. Balance? What balance? Please, oh please let it be next Thursday at noon.

Monday, February 20, 2012

One Year Later

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I cannot believe that a year has gone by already. B and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary, but it still feels like just yesterday we were in front of our family and friends saying "I do."

I've been studying for the bar exam for the past couple of months, and seeing as the exam is next week, we decided to have a low key anniversary weekend, and go away for a long weekend after the exam is done. (And if you've been playing along, no, we still haven't taken our real honeymoon, and yes the fabulous 1st anniversary trip that I wanted to plan is not going to happen. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little bit sad about that, but I'm really hoping that within the next few months we'll be able to plan a relaxing getaway for our super belated honeymoon!)

B made dinner for the two of us, and we enjoyed a bottle of the same Viognier that we had at our reception dinner one year earlier. 

Dessert is where I pulled off my surprise for B. The cake that we had at our wedding was incredibly delicious but we were both so busy that after we cut it we each had approximately 1 bite before we were pulled off in different directions, and neither of us got a chance to have any more (we had a whole dessert table, so we just had a fairly small cake). I discovered later that the cake had come from Blackbird Bakery, so I sent them a picture and ordered a 6 inch version of the same cake! It was a lot of fun to surprise B with it, and it was just as delicious as I remembered it! 

As for presents, we decided to go a bit more on the low key side. Well, that's a lie. That's what I thought we had decided, but instead B ended up surprising me with three incredibly thoughtful presents. We both took the first anniversary theme of paper to heart, but he did a great job. He framed one of the wine labels that I had designed (for our custom blended wedding wine), he ordered beautiful blind embossed stationary for me with my married name, and he found an incredibly gorgeous (and informative!) book on photography.

Since B has been learning to draw recently, I got him a sketchbook as well as another notebook as he's always writing and had just about run out of room in his current one (and yes, I did wrap his notebooks in leftover Crate and Barrel ribbon that I found recently which was from one of the wedding gifts we received! I couldn't find wrapping paper and this cracked me up too much to not use it).

B also got me more tulips - tulips were the flowers that I carried at our wedding and they're one of my favorites. 

As first anniversaries go, I can't imagine a better one! Our first year has had its challenges, but our relationship wasn't one of them. I just hope that future years are as wonderful as our first year has been.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Things I've Been Thinking About

In no particular order, here are a few things I've been pondering lately.

1. The difference between taking the Bar Exam this time around as opposed to the last time I did it. I should point out that I've only taken one bar exam, and I passed it, so I am a member of a state's bar. It's just that all 50 states get to have their own exam and if you don't waive into a state's bar when you move, you get to take another exam. Which is what I'm doing. But the difference is kind of striking. Last time I studied all day, just about every day, for seven weeks. I started the week after I graduated law school and took the exam at the end of July. I wasn't working anywhere else at the time (thank god for bar stipends!), and I wasn't married yet. B and I were dating, but we weren't living together and he had plenty of his own things going on that summer. The point is, looking back, my responsibilities were really not many. I had to make sure that I ate and that the house didn't fall apart since we were going to try to sell it after I moved out at the end of the summer. I had to make sure that Cody was cared for. But really that's it.

This time? I'm married and need to make sure that my relationship with B stays strong (though it's really nice knowing he's gone through all of this, so understands exactly everything I'm going through). Still have the dog, but let's be honest, B does way more of the dog caring than I do. B makes sure I eat healthy when I come home. But I am working full time. Which means that I don't have the single minded focus that I had last time. However, I also don't have the fear. And while it may have been 3 years ago, I actually remember a fair amount of the black letter law, which is kind of scary. Sure, there's a lot more work I need to do in the next couple of weeks, but I'm not nearly as stressed or panicked as I was last time. Of course, this means I might not be doing as much work and therefore won't pass which would suck, but I'm choosing to think that my more relaxed take will be a good thing. I hope.

2. Intersections with no stop or yield signs. Does your city do this? Or is this a particularly weird Seattle thing? I'm not talking about at major intersections, but rather on residential cross streets. In many neighborhoods in Seattle, when two minor roads come together, there aren't any road signs. So it's not exactly clear which street might have the right of way. I used to treat them all as 4 way stops, but when there's usually not anyone there, that gets old quickly. So, now in my neighborhood I tend to treat one direction of roads (East-West I think) as having the right of way, and the other (North-Southish) as the ones who should yield. The problem is that clearly not everyone thinks this way. Which means that every so often (well, like twice since we moved here), I nearly get into an accident. I haven't yet, but I did have one guy honk really loudly at me one time. But why? Neither of us clearly had the right of way, so why get mad? Anyway. I've always found that really odd.

3. I'm looking forward to having spare time again. Sure, I have time at the end of the evenings to wind down and watch some tv, so I clearly have some spare time, but Sundays are the only days when I give myself some semblance of a break right now. And even if I'm not technically doing work in that moment, I have the dread of knowing that something (either work or bar exam studying) is hanging over my head and I probably could (or should) be doing that instead. I'm really looking forward to not dealing with that anymore.

4. I miss taking pictures. Not entirely certain why I haven't been lately. But it's something that I want to pick back up again. You know. In all of my current spare time.

5. I am terrible at sending cards. Like, ridiculously terrible. First off, it usually doesn't even occur to me in the first place to send a card. Case in point, Valentine's Day. Maybe I'll get a card for my husband, maybe I won't, but it doesn't even dawn on me to send them to anyone else. And what do I come home to this evening? A super cute Valentine from my sister, wishing B and me a happy first Valentine's Day as a married couple. Which is awesome. And something I should have thought to do for her, since this is also her and her husband's first married Valentine's. But nope. The second thing is that even if by some miracle it DOES occur to me to send a card, I won't have that flash of insight until the day of whatever thing I would be sending the card for. And then what's the point? I suppose they'd still know you were thinking of them. Just not ahead of time. Sigh.

Anyone else have that problem? And seriously, is Seattle really the only weird city without street signs on certain residential roads?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It still feels impossible

I'm still in the "seems impossible" phase, but it will get done. 

16 more days until the bar exam.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Holy hell, it's February. And we're a week into February at that! When did that happen? Wasn't it 2011 like a week ago? 

Anyway, yeah. Crazy. Pretty sure the reason the days are flying by is because I have this huge, gigantic test at the end of the month that I need more time to prepare for, but since time is relative it has to speed up until then. Dammit.

On the other hand, honestly this entire year has felt like it's gone by at warp speed. There are 13 days until B's and my first anniversary. THIRTEEN. SERIOUSLY? This time last year I was wrapped up in wedding planning (and going a bit crazy, I might add), coupled with a little bit lot of unemployed panic. This year I'm gainfully employed and studying hard so that I can become a member of yet another state's bar. Did not think that was going to happen as part of my unemployment found me bound and determined to be done with being an attorney and certain that I would never take another bar as long as I lived. 


If only.

So that's why things are a bit quiet over here. I have lots to do with not lots of time in which to fit it all in. But that's life, isn't it? Or something? 

Anyway. I'm here. Studying. Or working. Or sleeping. Not the stuff of incredibly interesting posts, but luckily the studying part will be over in 3 weeks. And then we can get back to the interesting stuff of what the hell am I going to do with the rest of my life. 

Or maybe just what I might do for the next couple of years? 
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