Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weekend in the Woods: The End of the Night

And just like that it seemed, our wedding day was over. 

All of our friends and family surrounded us on the dance floor until the very end.

And as the last song came to a close, Mr. EB and I enjoyed our final dance together on our wedding day.

Our amazing band (friends of mine from college) played until midnight when they had to stop. Literally, they had to stop as the power went out!

Mr. EB and I caught a ride on the golf cart back to our cabin where we tore into the fresh bread and other appetizers that the staff at IslandWood saved specially for us (luckily by then my appetite had come back!)

Hands down, one of the best days of my life. Perfect? Of course not. But Mr. EB and I were surrounded by love, and sometimes that really is all you need. 

Don't worry, I'm not quite done yet! I still have a few posts I wanted to share, including some of my favorite details from the day, what our guests were up to while we were getting ready, our day after brunch and our mini-moon in downtown Seattle! 

*Unless otherwise noted, all photos by the fabulously talented Persimmon Images.

Want to catch up?

The guys suit up.
We had our first look!
We enjoy the sun at the Tree House!
We make our entrance.
We take family pictures.
We join our guests for cocktail hour.
We were surprised with a photobooth.

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  1. I love those last couple pictures of the 2 of you!!


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