Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ready for the New Year

Oh, I'm so happy it's Thursday. This week has simultaneously gone quickly (thanks to the millions of things I've had to do after work each day), and really, really slowly (likely due to the fact that I was on vacation last week down in California and it's been very odd to have to come back and work this week!).

But we're finally to Thursday. I'm leaving early today and then I get four glorious days off (without even having to take a vacation day!). Then it's a short three day week next week and another four day weekend! I'll take it.

If only all weeks could be three days long. I'd like that a lot.

In other news, not much else is going on around these parts. We're just about ready for Christmas. I think I got the last of the gifts last night (and my husband's final present is getting delivered to my parents house today!). Now I just need to wrap them all and get them organized for Christmas. I don't do that until we're at my parents' though, as every year I'm all about stealing my mom's wrapping supplies (thanks Mom!). 

I have no idea what my husband is getting me. Or if he's actually managed to get me something yet. I love my husband dearly but gifting is not his love language. It's not that he isn't thoughtful about gifts when he does get me something. He is. But usually it's something I want because I told him very specifically that I wanted it (like my absolute favorite necklace he got me for Christmas last year. I may have emailed him the link directly saying how much I loved it). Ah well. As I remind myself, if that's our biggest problem (and let's be honest, it's NOT a problem!), we're doing just fine.

As 2011 is wrapping up (and as I've been responding to some of the #WEverb11 prompts), I find myself really looking forward to 2012. This year has been... hard. It had some amazingly wonderful high points, but there have also been frustrations and setbacks and difficulties that I would rather not repeat. I'm trying to welcome 2012 and focus on all of the things that I'm looking forward to in this next year, but can I be honest? I'm a little apprehensive as well. I know that not all of the hard things are going to magically disappear come January 1. I know that there are still going to be challenges until certain things in our life get sorted out. But I'm trying SO hard to be open to what 2012 might be - new beginnings, new (fun!) challenges, and celebrating B's and my first year of marriage. 

And with that, I'm off to celebrate with my family. I'll pop in when I can, but I hope you're all enjoying time with your family and friends as well!

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