Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Morning Brain Dump

I don't generally write these types of posts, but I'm pretty sure the Monday morning after getting home from vacation (Christmas #1!) is the perfect time to start.

1. We finally got and decorated our tree! I say finally because the last couple of years (ever since the Christmas-tree-getting-turned-engagement-fest of 2009) we've gotten our tree the first weekend in December. Sure this year we technically got it the second weekend, but it just seemed like it was way later in the season. Definitely nice to have the lights up now!

2. My Bee ornament came! I became a blogger for Weddingbee right after Christmas last year (holy cow I can't believe it's been a year already!), so I wasn't a part of all of the holiday fun that this group does last year. I'm so impressed with the ornament that the amazing and talented Mrs. Funnel Cake created for me! Thanks again, FC!

3. We spent the last several days in California with B's family having Christmas #1. It was SO nice to get to spend a few days with them (though I wish we could have been there longer!). So far the last couple of years we've all gotten together in California the weekend before Christmas. This works out great for us coming down from Washington and his sister who's flying in from New York as we don't have to deal with the airlines over Christmas. Then we'll be with my family next weekend (for Christmas #2!). 

So far there really hasn't been any drama over splitting holidays or anything like that, for which I am profoundly grateful, as I know some people have a much harder time trying to figure out how to see everyone (and make them happy). I think it really helps that both of our families aren't so worried about seeing us on the actual day. They're happy to celebrate with us on the holiday itself, but really, so long as each family is together sometime around the holidays it seems to work well!

Granted this might change once we have kids and everyone wants to see the baby, but I'm hoping then I can get people to come to me! (Yeah, that probably won't work, but a girl can dream!)

4. The other great part about being down in California this past weekend is that we got to see very good friends of ours from law school. I wish we got to see them more often (though we've managed three times this past year, so we're actually doing pretty well!), not least of which is because they always make us a feast when we come. This year we started with a charcuterie plate that included homemade duck prosciutto, foie gras, bread with truffle butter, salami, various cheeses, homemade jam (from this girl's wedding!) and more. SO GOOD. 

Then we had the main course (tacos, complete with hand ground beef, homemade guacamole and salsa and all the fixings). And of course excellent wine and beer. Which luckily B did not partake of very much as we were stopped by a sobriety checkpoint approximately 3 minutes after leaving our friend's house. I was incredibly nervous and I was just in the passenger's seat! (What can I say, it was my first time ever being stopped by a sobriety checkpoint. The cop just asked B a couple of questions and we were on our way in about a minute.)

5. Even though we've already had Christmas #1, I still can't believe that Christmas is on Sunday. That's less than a week away! Seriously, where did this year go? B and I have been married for 10 months today (happy 10-month-aversary B!). In two months it'll be a year! People kept telling us that the first year is the hardest, and if that's true we're doing pretty well. This has been a tough year for a variety of reasons, but our relationship is not one of them. I feel incredibly lucky to have found this man, and even luckier that he wants to be with me. 

Here's to many, many more years to come!


  1. Homemade duck prosciutto? Holy moly!

  2. The jam is actually the batch I made this summer; I gave the Ho-Tangs a jar when they visited. Glad you liked it!

  3. @Marie - Oh, ha, that makes more sense! I was wondering how they managed to save it for so long (it's SO good!)

  4. I like your friends from Law School a LOT. They do awesome food at their get-together's. :) Your tree is so full and fluffy - I'm always so jealous of real trees. It looks great!


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